Saturday, May 30, 2009

one 10 hr shift down, one to go

dearest g, let me keep my temper

Friday, May 29, 2009

new school out for summer, carmen li freed for fun; sends a poem; jia you, cammy!

Ever since you abandoned your magic
of forming swans and goldfish
between your fingers
we scratched, scrubbed until every last
bit of green is gone
and you who were supposed to stand straight
look tall and almighty, sat hunched.
face down, sobbing,
unable to keep our world spinning.
you did not keep up the rooftop for us,
and rain poured to leave us
cold and wet for many months straight

but being mad at you will not help any more
than the rain water can grow sprouts from the tiled floor.
keep searching for the lost wand,
and get back on your feet for I will be your cane
together we can fill corner by corner
with your once sparkling blades
and then—the swans and goldfish will come splashing.

-carmen li

Thursday, May 28, 2009


if a rant then clean & pack my furniture, cats, miss grita, sasstrida & i are moving to sawtelle ave. we will make a home with one handsome (n.h.) & his murderface (above) & milo, & also this super-magical unicorn (above) gotten down from the wall of che's bar. current: 95+ w/ spotty cloud coverage. a vet appt canceled due to a birthing cow (?), jesus this is not my cc bill, & tucson electic power call me back so i cancel my service & go buy some potting soil from target; it's thursday, bum. ive been thinking more on connectivity lately, thus the blog. i like reading blogs, i feel they can be smart & a way to get my ass up & writing again. fingers-crossed. in the erstwhile, love love & driving all my stuff across tucson.