Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

tv im addicted to lately

lafayette from true blood.
true blood. we're about to start season dos asap. but, im really really hoping lafayette didnt get killed off. still loving sookie. still not loving bill. loving the 'i wanna do bad things to you' theme song by jace everett. love that they play gillian welch sometimes while rolling credits. hoping tara doesnt get too mixed up with shape-shifter pig woman. bout everyone has been killed off, so im excited for new characters, ie the new lil vamp that bill was 'the maker' of. but still, lafayette better be alive.

this is one of my fav food network shows, next to sister paula. neil got this cookbook for our home today! each episode consists of three interesting-as-all-hell foodplaces stretched out across america. these are 'homey' soulfood-types of foodplaces. in host guy fieri's words: 'the show is about capturing americana, and it embodies what food business is in the united states. [...] to have a chance to recognize these family institutions, these cultural epicenters, is unbelievable. i'm more honored to be in their presence. they say thank you so much for coming, and i say thank you so much for existing, because this is what america is about, the opportunity and the cultural bridges.' there are three foodplaces in phoenix listed in fieri's book--roadtrip!

Monday, August 24, 2009

things before the things began, before, began

salvador duran mural outside the rialto theater.
today is monday. i have a 'faculty orientation meeting' at pima west, where i will pick up a faculty handbook & hopefully eat some chips & dip. monday. sasstrid & murderface round 202. monday: thinking about tucson art via street murals & how i want to do some photographing. this particular monday is 10 mos for love. end o' august monday means a turn to fall before too long, means the season for red wine, though we've already gotten that jump. :)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

pop iconic yip


Belen, winds across the plains, if you bite back you were afraid of the thing in the first place. New York bustles, you are young among the world. If the tree catches sleeve then you are jerked back to Mississippi, where you married the hen eggs from their nests with your hands. Or like a woman, you turn seventy with the vacuum cleaner, cussing the dog hair stuck the filter, bang the filter on the fence line cussing. But you are young in the world, this is not you.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Bon Mot/ley Reading Series

Big thanks to Kristi & Michael for inviting me to read in their Series, Bon Mot/ley, in Cincinatti, on September 10th.

I'm super-excited. And I've never been to Cincinatti (does it look like the pic?). And I'm reading with Laura Sims!

More to come...

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Wed, day 4 of getting up much earlier

i am in a quietish mood. i should do some laundry.

cobra starship is playing congress tonight, i will be bartending coca-cola for a 90% underage crowd o' electic-phlourescent wearing teens with flip-up caps. hopefully. flip-up caps.

vacation was so nice. we ate lots & lots of fried food but no polecat indeed. big thanks to pops for looking after murderface, milo, sasstrida, miss grita.

finally, i gave up my friday shift at the bar which will leave me with less cash-money but happier & healthy & for sure like all that jazzzzz. [nobody should be behind bar twenty hours in two days.] thinking of getting some new shifts somewhere else or possibly working in a flower store. i start teaching developing writing at Pima Community College West in less than a month; it'll be great, just not lucrative, & this matters in the bill paying, online shopping world that is.

i wanna start volunteering with stephanie balzer's Voices non-profit program. need to shoot her an email soon. also, meet w/ m.s. to talk poetry & life. if you read this m, send a text of when is good for you.

tucson is probably gonna gear up for one more round of monsoon & then give it up for a fall. when in ga & fl we got lots of storms, storms over the ocean, up & down lightning, come on tucson!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Saturday, August 8, 2009