Tuesday, September 29, 2009

monday art buying day / beer in the butt chicken day

that's sugar w/ a high life up that chicken's ass. hey granny! neil says he was wishing he could be cooking this beer in the butt chicken right next to you! for your birthday! i'm roasting yams, the perfect compliment! new art! chicken!

at che's w/ new art

artist & che's bartender extraordinaire, donovan white, sells us a one-of-a-kind!

Monday, September 28, 2009

happy happy happy bday shoutout

to Granny Coley. Here she is giving Papa a big smooch at the Hemingway Days Festival down in Key West, at their 50th Anniversary. Happy 70th Granny! Love you bunches & bunches!

WED @ Congress

she's my absolute favorite. if you're free you should come. i'll be behind the bar. terry's gonna be celebrating his birthday. folks are going to be out & about.

after this show, it's chk chk chk. i dont know who that is, but it's supposed to sell out, so let me know if you wanna go!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


I wanted to feel exalted so I picked up
Dr Zhivago again. But the newspaper was there
with the horrors of the Olympics, those dead and
perpetually martyred sons of David. I want to present
all Israelis with .357 magnums so that they are
never to be martyred again. I wanted to be exalted
so I picked up Dr Zhivago again but the TV was on
with a movie about the suffering of convicts in
the early history of Australia. But then the movie
was over and the level of the bourbon bottle was dropping
and I still wanted to be exalted lying there with
the book on my chest. I recalled Moscow but I could
not place dear Yuri, only you Yesenin, seeing the Kremlin
glitter and ripple like Asia. And when drunk you appeared
as some Bakst stage drawing, a slain Tartar. But that is
all ballet. And what a dance you had kicking your legs from
the rope --We all change our minds. Berryman said in Minnesota
halfway down the river. Villon said of the rope that my neck
will feel the weight of my ass. But I wanted to feel exalted
again and read the poems at the end of Dr Zhivago and
just barely made it. Suicide. Beauty takes my courage
away this cold autumn evening. My year-old daughter's red
robe hangs from the doorknob shouting Stop.

Letters to Yesenin
J Harrison


I always teach this poem, among others from this collection, & it exalts me. And students. I'll miss it & feel that I should share it with someone, anyone. Here it is.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

behind the bar got you down?

well...yes, thanks for asking.

i took THE 200 drink cocktail test (which i've been supposed to be studying for like four months/yikes!/blame stephanie meyer, here lately...& teaching & trying to be a writer). This THING took me three hours, & it kicked my ars.

for thirty min in between taking this freakin hellpit of a test, i had my 'employee evaluation.' wow. see, i've never once been late to work & i dress super-professional, i'm great with customers--but, i get a 3 outta 5 in that category because i might not be all that dependable. huh? it's all aggravating. it's all a boy's club. 'yer one of the fastest 'girl' bartenders, but that's not quite good enough.' what! what's a 'girl' gotta do? i know i wanna teach & mostly be a writer, im not sure about giving EVERYTHING to this bar job, & it feels in ways like i have. it's just booze. it's money-centric: i would never put my whole life into it.

venting helps.

in other news, i got selah saterstrom's 2 books in the mail today, & when i find some time, i'm getting on them!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

new issue of Word For/Word

Hey hey hey hey. Word For/Word is here, finally. the process of journal making (online or print) still eludes me. I sent these poems off right after grad school (07), they were taken over a year later, & here they are today! whoa! i better do some work if i want to publish poems in '11!

anyways, it's a pretty issue, a lot of good work.


ps Noah sent me the preview cover for BEH, & it's beautiful! Cant wait to hold in my hands.

pss I gotta go work 10 hrs. boo.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Under the w-e-a-t-h-e-r

the last two days but i'm feeling better now. means it's time to start taking allergy pills everyday once again.

yesterday, i taught my first wrt 070 class, which went really well. we learnt nouns, those pesky gerunds, & some spelling. i dont know what i was thinking & i guess i was a lil out of it, cause i went to let the class go at 710 when the class really goes to 735. Oops.

Blame Mucinex.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Cut it out

Hey! I went to Cincinnati Thurs/Fri & had a lot of fun.

Kristi & Michael were awesome hosts with a cute apt in prob what is the cutest neighborhood (Gaslight District: real old school gaslight streetlamps!) in the whole town, with the two most precious grl cats who are sisters. Kristi has a new book out from Saturnalia called Hush Sessions which is crazy good thus far--

So, I read with the Laura Sims who is an amazing writer. Her new project on murder/murderers is gonna be cool. Her poems are short & elliptical & so ominously atmospheric, it's like your head is going to break open from all of the unsaid. After the reading we had some Peroni & tequila & a blast. Hope to see you soon, Laura! The reading is up on PennSound if you wanna check it out.


So, CD Wright has a new chapbook out, 40 Watts, from Octopus, & I just bought it. Hurray hurray!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Bon Mot/ley Tomorrow

Not that I really know anyone in Cincinnati (other than the lovely Kristi & Michael) but if you happen to be in the area, come see me read!

bon mot/ley info here


shue fly, dont bother me

birthday boys. see that evil look in his eyes? he's tickling me, of course i cant stand it!

i made this for my sugar's bday. it's my 1st cake.
Firstly, most all my thoughts have been with daddy & mama. Get well & get rest, daddy. I miss ya'll so much.

Neil had a birthday on Friday! Happy birthday, sugar!

We celebrated on Thursday night cause we had to work HOCO Fest on Friday, on Saturday, on Sunday.

Three days in a row behind bar 8, 10, & 10 hrs almost kills me. I got so much more patience than I used to have, but still, it's too much! Too much!

Pops had a birthday yesterday! Happy birthday, Pops! Neil & I went down to Tubac to Sherry's to celebrate.