Monday, November 23, 2009

no lack in humor's always a good thing child the fall's set in here & if you're not thankful fer something might as well be thanksful for it all--days

i like laughs

i like dreams both good & bad

i was taught believe in dreams (good)

i was raised on the 'you feel low?'... power outfit!

i was raised on the back of a horse ([good] dreams then fer/real)

i was raised chin up! shoulder's back!

i was raised 'chase dreams' / go west! / come home! / go team! / be good!

you all are the choosen ones

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Friday, November 20, 2009

New Moon

yesterday was nice. went like this

plan class
drive like hell to get to class
teach simple compound & complex sentences
home!--neil & i go to sup at BLine
after dinner drinks at Ches
rush to theater--new moon!
was good
kristen stewart was lovely & of course jacob & edward
i heart stephanie meyer
the young grl sitting next to me w/ ed cullen dogtags crying when ed leaves bella in the woods. more lil grl crying. neil being a trooper. popcorn! my belly hurting a bunch.
project runway finale
irina was not a very nice grl but
she wins of course
to bed! 5am

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


[photo: Dixie Canyon, LA, Sheryl Taylor, morning walks]

I figure out how to make myself a shelterbelt. In the country you get yourself old school tobacco sticks to construct your castle. Two beds on the bottom, build that thing up around you: chairs, a table on the top, but where is out. You break your house getting out of it. There is no other way unless you make a jump, but most of the time the construct’s knocked down. I’d rather disassemble myself thank you than have you carry my body to the ground with your hands. The city gives you a tenement & a cold, work in a BBQ restaurant where rich go to slum. There are so many cats on the street to feed; they follow in a line to the bodega for food, crying in a line, all bones, in the dark behind you. Locals think crazy, but cats die. I hole this bastard in, put confederate jasmine in the window sill for a light switch, go paint the room sunshine yellow. Of a night I fill a cooking pot with water to lay atop the radiator, the cats curl round my body sides for heat. Everything in the body is tied to the body, the windows, photo collage, wrapped around boxes of art, the floor needs sweeping & everything washed. The part that cracks or cracked under what you think might be legs running through a pile of Georgia woods, your mama calling but there is no home; Belen gets out there alone, will she let someone make her dinner, the Franklin Ave shuttle rattles pennies on the dresser, & drive your mother engine cause there is country for which a car means I will go do it.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

twinkle reads ladybugs, yellow birds, butterflies

today is sunday, & i still have a cold. must be 100% by the time thanksgiving rolls around so that i can hold lyla g without worrrying about getting her sick. i like sundays. i just cooked dinner--ricotta stuffed borsetti, my own pasta sauce (tom, sundried tom, big kalamatas, onion, garlic, caper, red wine, red wine vinegar, lemon, lime, s & p), lil salads, & french bread in the oven.

i've been reading my fashion blogs today. i love the sartorialist so much. makes me want to tote around my camera everywhere. makes me miss polaroids. please, target, please start carrying regular polaroid film again!

yesterday was the first saturday i did not work, & it was a lil odd. i went to a hootenanny given by other southern poets here in tucson, & it was sorta fun. a lovely alabamian made a banana pudding that made me miss home. i did slip out by 130 to make it up to congress for last call to see my sugar, which was/is/& always will be so very nice.

vikings won today. big up! murderface peed the living room rug. ugh!

i'm going to take a big bubble bath. also, write & try to get some poems together for morgan. i am taking a fiction workshop with meg files in the spring. i figure it's about time i really & seriously try my hand at the genre. but, i will not write dialogue. period.

kristen nelson is doing the design & layout of my book! yay! i met with she & noah on thursday for wine & book-talk, was exciting: my book is going to be a smaller one in size, hurray! i like little books of poetry. they make me happy. i did find out the release date probably won't be until june, which seems so far away. at least i am better with my patience these days. i used to be so horrible!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Day of the Dead / All Souls Procession

(lil kids in skeleton carts in downtown tucson, all souls procession, 09)
Inspired by Mexico’s Dia de los Muertos holiday, Susan Kay Johnson felt she should honor her father's passing in celebration and creativity. The performance was very well received and many artists were inspired to continue growing the Procession into its modern incarnation.

Today we find ourselves organizing over 20,000 participants on the streets of downtown Tucson for a two-mile long human-powered procession that ends in the finalizing action of burning a large urn filled with the hopes, offerings and wishes of the public for those who have passed. Inside the event are myriads of installation art, altars, performers, and creatives of all kinds collaborating for almost half the year to prepare their offerings to this amazing event. The All Souls Procession, and now the entire All Souls Weekend, is a celebration and mourning of the lives of our loved ones who have passed.


That night, Calexico played a show at the Rialto, & filmed a video/documentary in honor of Tucson's original holiday/street procession. I wasn't there, I was working. But, if I were not working, ten bucks I woulda been there.

(Muralist Joe Pagac did this piece on the eastern wall of the Rialto Theater. Bellissimo!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


last week i worked 6 days in a row. i was tired, but now i've recovered. i sorta tried to put in my two weeks at the bar (you knew it was coming...) but it simply didn't work. so, the solution is, is i'm only going to be there on wednesday. for awhile at least. i'm on burnout.

today is veteran's day, a big day on sawtelle avenue! thank you to all that have served.


also: i have been thinking a looooong time that i am bored slap silly with most of the poetry i'm reading in journals. boring. just plain bad. bad philos. heady nothings. what the f- is going on?

[if you offer a negative, offer a positive]

martha ronk has some good poems in the new issue of pool. the rest of that journal (in concept & across the board, historically...) is mostly blah.

and now to the new yorker.... what! the new yorker?

the new yorker's been publishing a bunch of john ashbery & james schuyler. hip!

Africa! Africa! by schuyler

A match clears the air, congestion
of the chapel organ tones family
circle faces. How we hate to love!
Nephew Noxious pops his teeth and
the nameless others fatly quiver.
Boredom's puffy toes kick us in
our Sunday-supper-swollen guts. I
flip my butterfly routine, sundry
as Monday wash. Hairpins detonate.
On the wall Christ refutes doctors,
germanically, divinity, come back,
fudge us again, us lost ladies
who heard a bullet, stop to answer
the craftiest command of inert man
rolled from the colossal ear. Year
of hell and harmony, spill you a
good sleep, near the zebra's hoof.


i like poems like this because one can tell the poet is a-l-i-v-e, doing some living. not some deep introvert writing from a closet bunker shell, oh poorness, i cannot venture out today, the world's a wolf, i tuck myself in gently. LIVE, poets, LIVE> before the rest of us (us, including) die of freakin boredom.

thank you wednesday.

it's 80 degrees in Tucson & i'm sweating in the living room watching 'Kath & Kim.'


Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Kate Greenstreet is reading at Hotel Congress tonight

being that i work at hotel congress, i'll be working during the reading. anyways, kate'll be there reading, along with jane sprague, & if you go, hit me up, i'll be in the club working the edward sharp show. :) ten big smiley faces for working every time anything cool's going on in TUS.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Lyla G

i talked to mamacita yesterday, who says missus lyla g is now 6 pounds 5 ounces. way to go baby girl! i'd like to give a big ole shout out to Rouch to go get yourself a pedicure & relax, leave that baby with mama sheryl & take a couple hours for yourself. i miss yall. will come out pretty soon. XO--

Monday, November 2, 2009

allan sturm is a pretttttty good photographer, likes to torment me when working. thanks Al.

In other news, I still have a cough & am on that Nyquil. Today I will join the Y & grade midterm papers & grocery shop & pay rent & drink a lot of tea & try to get a hold of the crew in LA. Monday! I freakin love it! Sasstrid loves it! She's chilling on the window ledge with that content look on her face.

Sunday, November 1, 2009


has come & gone like the rest. It's 5:14 am & Im just recently home from work at the bar, on my second Tecate & pretty tired. This year I stuffed my bra with a couple socks & went as Zorro, sans the sword cause that wouldnt work behind the bar, you know. Bar work can be frustrating, such high volumes & the often awful people that dont know etiquette & then all the rest. I am writing cause my most favorite people get concerned when I dont write, but really all I have to say is Im tired & the sun's coming up. I miss a lot of people right now--Granny, crew in LA, Lyla G, Whitney, Laura, Steph, Peacock, Cammy Li & more Im sure Im forgetting--if you are reading this, I love yall. I hope to talk soon--XO--