Thursday, December 31, 2009

Hello 2010!

Hi, (________) end of 2009--Hi friends! I am wishing everyone I know a happy fun time on NYE! Me? I will be working. Neil will be working. But, this is okay. Pops bought us a nice bottle of wine which we will toast afterwards with.


Find someone to say it best, thus:
Frank O'Hara, 'Memoir of Sergei O...'

My feet have never been comfortable
since I pulled them out of the Black Sea
and came to your foul country
what fatal day did I dry them off for
travel loathesome travel to a world
even older than the one I grew up in
what fatal day meanwhile back in France
they were stumbling towards the Bastille
and the Princesse de Lamballe was
shuddering as shudderingly as I
with a lot less to lose I still hated
to move sedentary as a roach with Tiflis
never again to go swimming in the nude
publicly little did I know how
awfulness could reach perfection abroad
I even thought I would see a Red Indian
all I saw was lipstick everything
covered with grass or shrouds pretty
shrouds shot with silver and plasma
even the chairs are upholstered to a
smothering perfection of inanity
and there are no chandeliers and there
are no gates to the parks so you don't
know whether you're going in them or
coming out of them that's not relaxing
and so you can't really walk all you can
do is sit and drink coffee and brood
over the lost leaves and refreshing scum
of Georgia Georgia of my heritage
and dismay meanwhile back in my old
country they are renaming everything so
I can't even tell any more which ballet
company I am remembering with so much
pain and the same thing has started
here American Avenue Park Avenue South
Avenue of Chester Conklin Binnie Barnes
Boulevard Avenue of Toby Wing Barbara
Nichols Street where am I what is it
I can't even find a pond small enough
to drown in without being ostentatious
you are ruining your awful country and me
it is not new to do this it is terribly
democratic and ordinary and tired


Sunday, December 27, 2009

Thursday, December 17, 2009


Yep, I'm grading the last handfull of papers, & I'm done. Great news! It's been a long rough semester, I'm ready for a big ole Christmas break (& then some...)

Today, Grita went to the vet. She has colonitis which is really not a huge deal. Take a lil medicine & she'll be just fine. I'm glad that I have such good girls--both seem to enjoy going to the vet. They're champs!

Friday is our first annual Christmas party. I'll post pics...

In the meantime, here's our tree in the daylight. Gorgeous. I'll have to post a nitetime one too, since I hunted for damn ever for the tree topper which you can't even see in the pic below.

Hope everyone is well--I am hanging in there! Lyla is growing up beautifully. Can you believe those blue eyes?

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

atta boy: the wrangler national finals rodeo time of year

so, it's been on the last couple days--i think tomorrow starts round 6. i watch when i can, as it makes me a lil sad. anyways. i said i would win the barrel racing by the time i was 40. i usually do just about everything i say will, so i imagine i probably will. (said i would make a book by the time i was 30. check.) wnfr, i'll see you sooner than later.

til then, my favs are above. lindsay sears & sherry cervi (palomino). sherry lives in marana, az, which means she is my ultimate, ultimate fav. since i'm a tucson girl these days. i'm sorry to not know these horses. seems like everytime i see these cowgirls they're on a different horse. magic!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

LA holiday, & back

I went to LA for Thanksgiving & had so much fun. Lyla Grace is 9 lbs & doing great. So is Mandy, so is Budz, so is Willow Beast, so are Mama & Daddy. We had a southern feast on Thursday. Great big ole turkey, & of course, my favs, dumplings & dressing, which I ate til yesterday, when I couldn't anymore: I had to be getting on home to my love & our crazy animals.

Home! Home is nice. It looks like the above pic. See? Nice!