Monday, June 28, 2010

SUN / June 27 / DAY TRES

day three of poetry readings. day three is my EOAGH reading with e. tracy grinnell & lovely brenda iijima. we all woke up feeling iffy. it was brutal hot/humid. sweaty ridiculous. had breakfast delivered. headed over to p slope, unnameable books. i read first & was really comfortable, had a good reading, it felt like. should be posted on pennsound soon i'm guessing. brenda's amazing of course (poetry godmother), & hearing tracy read was awesome. i sold some books & i met nice people. tim wrote the nicest introduction for me, which i'll post as soon as he posts it on his blog. i forgot to get someone to take pics of me reading, but tim usually posts that too on his blog, so i'll steal from there & post here later. kyle came which was sweet--i saw his smiling face every time i looked out from the page, reading. bradley from old maine days showed up. everyone was really nice & i can say that the reading was a good way to close this busy nyc po weekend out. carrie & i got so much time to catch up which was one of my fav parts. i love my grlfriends & getting to gossip/get advice/imp grl stuffs after not seeing each other for years is crucial. jake and i were at jfk for years it seemed. our flight was pushed back 3 hrs. we arrived in jax at 2am. i slept a lot today & am feeling much better. i needed some silence after all the running round. jake's on the beach reading & writing. i'm gonna luxuriate all day.

SAT / June 26 / DAY DUO

more pics SAT

day two is prospect heights EOAGH reading number une. jake's reading at unnameable books with dottie laskey (who i loved to hear) & kim lyons. carrie & i ate brunch at beast. we both got the same thing: a poached egg on top of cheesy polenta w/ choritzo, and rock shrimp, with a small salad on the side. DELISHOUS. the reading was really good. afterwards we watched the tail end of the world cup at a bar on vanderbilt. kyle, my friend from 'a raisin in the sun' crew, came over to visit & catch up. i just love kyle & missed seeing damron-love. it is amazing to see tim peterson whom i think the world of. we went back to bushwick to relax a bit, stoop drink, & plan evening. carrie went into manhattan to some swank club i had no urge to step foot into, so jake & i got a car to p slope, ate at bonnie's, then went to the gate for the best beer in bklyn. brklyn buzz bomb, a honey mead, yum. we had fun, got to sleep bout 4. i didnt sleep really. never do if im reading the next day.

Friday / June 25 / Day Une

i arrived at jfk round 830, met up with jake, & headed over to bushwick to carrie's. i got sick & sassy in the cab, what's new. we napped awhile, headed over to the STAIN READING SERIES which was two stops down on the J, in an area just ripe for poetry reading. the pic with cammy li & i posing on the beatdown car was the back patio area of our bar, goodbye blue monday. yeah! i heart nyc. i still felt nauseous from one hour of sleep but i had a good time all in all. thank you to ana for hosting & inviting me to read. thank you wendy, claire (whom i really like), james, matthew, and kim for reading with me. i got to see mrs laura sims whom i just love. cammy li is my most fav. she's my nyc sister. i dedicated reading to her. jake about had ten fits about boring/bad readers. carrie seemed to enjoy. we headed back to bushwick early, her roommate, sweetest thing in the world, made some great roasted chicken, mash potatoes, & a bread olive cheese tom. tray. so sweet. i took sleeping pills and passed out round midnite. not much stoop drinking for me.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

more t-rays or rex as im gonna keep on calling it

the wonderful woman who took the group photo is named dedre--she dropped the "i" from her name cause "it's silent anyways." i forgot the cooter joke granny made, but rest assured there were plenty. :)

so, yes i cut by own bangs. yes, a wee bit shorter than i had hoped. oh well...

diners drive-ins & dives

i had it wrong, it's t-rays in the exxon, & it was delicious. granny & i got little t-ray burgers, aunt evie a turkey club, & the rest got 10-foot long hot dogs. we had a blast then went consignment shopping. i got my meds--thank ya mama.

or, my scrofulous French novel / on gray paper with blunt type!

what's cuter than a naked lil sugar on WED?


today is WED / WEDNESDAY: i heart robert browning day.

well, i do.


i got up early today...early! 11. im waiting on the ups. im supposed to go eat with granny & sisters at this old exxon station gutted out into a restaurant open til only 2pm serving the best burger on the island--called t-rex or something therein like it. come on ups. i do like a burger but i do need my meds in that ups box. dilemma tho not a major lest that burger save my life or something.


thanks to jake for looking over new work; i now feel safe to read new work in new york and i'll meet my back room live deadline. :)=jake.


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Today is TUES / I feel like a proud mama

I taught Chelsea Hodson poetry back in 2006 at the University of Arizona. I was a first time teacher & she was a first time poetry student. She says one thing she remembers me telling her is "you have to get weirder." It's true!

Chelsea is my first student to make a book--I am just so proud of her. I've not words, really! You can now go pre-order her first book Beach Camp from Swill Children Press. Go order this book & support Chelsea, one of the brightest girls I've ever met & one of the most talented young writers in America, in my opinion, & once you read her writing, I swear you will agree.

Swill Children presents


by Chelsea Hodson

Beach Camp Trailer from Chelsea Hodson on Vimeo.


The first thing on the island is a wooden sign in the shape of a rainbow: Welcome to Camp Fox. We were herded onto the boat, but now lines are important. We are single filed, tanned. Everything is new. I can't hear what anyone is saying, but we each make our own sounds. We are buzzing.

BEACH CAMP, a story collection by Chelsea Hodson, explores a space detached from the mainland—an island where girls sleep in cabins without walls, throw chicken nuggets across the cafeteria, threaten towel-wearing boys, and go looking for the buffalo. Hodson separates her journey into tidy sections shorter than the time it takes a counselor to say I will arrange a boat to take you off this island tonight so help me God.

Pre-order BEACH CAMP from Swill Children.

Monday, June 21, 2010

SUN / Father's Day

Yeeeeeah Talladega Daddy's Day

I had lunch/dinner with Granny Coley & all her sisters over at the condo. Was delish & fun!


Prayers/thoughts out to Drew.


Looooooord I'm in a crunch!

Saturday, June 19, 2010


FOR LAURA: Do you think men dig up bones? I mean, besides Randy Travis? HaaaaaaaaHaaaaaaaaa! I could laugh all Saturday. I bet that'd burn off a Wendy's animal kingdom--right?...grlbear?



In other news: Last nite I got a wild hair & put together the writing I'd done since late April (when I got back on the poems) & I have a good sized chapbook! It'll be a loooong time coming til I make another book but it's good to see I am making pages I'm happy with.

Also: Daddy is presently driving a Nascar car around the Talladega track 40 times. His aim is to go 185+ so right now I'm hoping he's not too lead-footed, & is steady-handed, & that mama is taking a slew of pics, which I'll for sure post here. Yeah Nascar! I think I'd like to drive that car. I like fast.

Friday, June 18, 2010


pic 1: grita's a bear lala.
pic 2: budzie rallying.
pic 3: workout jog. got some lunarglides finally: freakin awesome yeeeeah!
pic 4: lyla's cute lil personality coming out.

ive been doing a lot of swimming here lately. granny coley's here at the beach & has come down to the pool the last two days to keep me company. it's so nice--funny how id forgotten how good a workout just treading h2o can be, thank you laura little for reminding! im missing laura--was so much fun just lying around & eating lots & lots (can you imagine that? ha!).

im starting to get the jitters about going to ny for readings. at least i have some sharp looking new outfits slightly a la Nan Kempner chic thank you mamacita! and the fiercest shoes ive ever owned--conversation pieces, absolutely, tho not in the least "domino"--hearts to mmm--& hearts to danielle for kicking the two year med school boards' ass, i just know it. now, relaxation.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Yesterday was good. Laura & I laid out on the beach all day, ate mex casserole, then went for a long swim at the condo pool. There's this new restaurant I just discovered--Espana--a tapas style joint downtown Amelia Island. It was so very good & different versus lots of food around these parts. I had a robust Rioja; Laura a Sangria she said to be sub-par. Other than that, everything was interesting & nice. Mozambique shrimp, marinated olives & capers, tomato/caper/artichoke grouper w/ jumbo shrimp. Delish! We went to the Ritz for after dinner drinks but the men were not gentlemen there, so we left. Last nite a big storm started bout 1 am. Big big lightning. We sat out the balcony listening to music, dranking daddys crown.

Monday, June 14, 2010

today is monday / MONDAY

i have officially become an insomniac.


in other news, Ms Laura Little is coming to visit today what-what! yep, im excited. im gonna make a casserole to celebrate.


two readings coming up:

**Sunday, June 27, 2010
Taylor, Grinnell, & Iijima: June 27, 2010, Brooklyn, NY
EOAGH Reading Series, featuring: E. Tracy Grinnell, Brenda Iijima, and Shelly Taylor

Sunday, June 27, 2PM
at Unnameable Books
600 Vanderbilt Ave, Brooklyn, NY


**Friday, June 25, 2010
Short, Taylor, Hero, Wisner, Thorburn, & Belflower: June 25, 2010, Brooklyn, NY
Stain of Poetry

Readings by James Belflower, Claire Hero, Kim Gek Lin Short, Shelly Taylor, Matthew Thorburn, and Wendy Wisner.

7 PM @ Goodbye Blue Monday
1087 Broadway (@ Dodworth St.)
Bushwick, Brooklyn
J M Z trains to Myrtle Ave or J to Kosciusko Street


what ive been reading:

Friday, June 11, 2010

Persian for "Neda" means Voice / we are Neda

I've long been affected by Neda's story. Since her very public murder last June, she has been a fixture in my mind. I am so grateful there is now the documentary "For Neda" (thank you HBO). This is something everyone should watch. The first couple minutes show her dying on camera, so if you don't want to be affected, don't watch.

Last August or so, I began writing Belen, my novel. In this one little paragraph, I have an omniscient voice speaking directly to Neda & then to the character Belen. The narrator has watched Neda dying--the narrator knows Belen has too seen the murder & is thinking on death herself; death is warned against.

If you yourself were offended, rejoice with me neighbors & friends, I have my sheep back that were lost. If he found your skirt was too long, your very breadth appalling, you are swung back, nipped into the thought transom you should be alone. You are okay. The younger son must be riotous, in want, & the daughter, hmm. If longing were your chestbone condition, velvet your ears from the hearing; Neda, I’ve not felt political urges of dissent against a government in a long while, but your condition, it affects me. I watched your death on the street. Belen the fourth story flight up is long down & you would hurt your limbs or lungs from the air rush. Quiet now, the hot water is working & your state is to not be such chaos, today.


I've been writing very "religiously" for awhile now. By "religiously" I don't mean prolifically, even though I have, I mean I've been steeped in the language of religions--appropriating religious language in ways in which I see useful, from the Bible & other "religious" sources. (This is pretty much only in the poems, none of which I have published yet.) Cixous spurned me forward with talk of "those he-bible". This sort of language both terrifies me & confound, but in this pull of being horrified & amazed, I find a voice for writing/re-writing something "sacred" into something itself "sacred" that is utterly secular, but which I find deeply personal & political, deeply deeply feminist at its roots. Even though I've been at it (in one way or another) for nearly a year, this is the first time I'm even close to being able to articulate where my head is at with the writing. Onward!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Tarpaulin Sky Summer Sale for your broke asses

(so now you can get Heifer & Numbers together for super-cheap. noah saterstrom painted both book covers.)


(work it!)

The 2010 Tarpaulin-Sky-Heard-You're-Feeling-Broke Summer Sale!

TSky Press titles for as little as $8 each, w/ free shipping!
2 books @ $10 | 3 books @ $9 | 4+ books @ $8

In an effort to do our part to help the economy, and since we can't pay most of our present staff much less hire you, we'd like to provide you with some affordable summer reading. That's right, comrades, you can now get your hands on Tarpaulin Sky Press titles for as little as $8 each, including shipping (vs. $16-$19 "elsewhere.") And who wants to support the big-business model, anyway? Have you had enough greed? Corruption? Disaster? Would you like a book or two to read while you weep through the rest of your days living in a cardboard box on an oil-soaked beach? Well, you're in luck, because Tarpaulin Sky is looking to aim a little sunshine at your head!

Yes, now even you can afford our titles: SPD Bestsellers, Publishers Weekly and Time Out New York faves that even Kate Bernheimer, Rebecca Brown, Brian Evenson, Laird Hunt, Bhanu Kapil, Lance Olsen, et al. take the time to read and "recommend"; INNOVATIVE FICTION, POETRY, AND TRANS-GENRE TEXTS from Jenny Boully, Ana Božičević, Traci O Connor, Mark Cunningham, Danielle Dutton, Noah Eli Gordon & Joshua Marie Wilkinson, Gordon Massman, Joyelle McSweeney, Joanna Ruocco, Kim Gek Lin Short, Shelly Taylor, Max Winter, and Andrew Zornoza.

Taking advantage of this limited sale is easy: 1) choose how many books you'd like 2) click "add to cart" 3) on the PayPal page, click "proceed to checkout" 4) when you check out, writw us a little note in the box labeled "special instructions to seller" & tell us which authors & titles you need to survive & You're good to go!

Monday, June 7, 2010


just got copies of Black-Eyed Heifer.

Please support Small Press Distribution over places such as Amazon, B & N, Borders. If you haven't gotten your Heifer yet, please get a copy from SPD.

Antigone Books in Tucson should have copies by next week if you're wanting to purchase one locally in Tucson.

If you're on Amelia Island, The Book Loft will have copies soon as well.

today is monday / big dangerous animal holding spotlight with our very own LaRue

it's monday, i have to remind myself sometimes. here's a bleep to wake up in your face like outrageous coffee. im transitioning from real sugar to fake, therefore i am not as happy as i normally would be. :) those who know me know im pure awful in the morn (which is noon-ish for me...). step 5 is putting hope in a higher power & admitting truth. npr has discussion going of why the gore's are deciding to split. i say easy. just look at dear al. he obviously is a boring partner/lover/person-in-general (tho progressive environmentally...necessary, thank you, al)--but he aint too pretty, & i bet he just lies around watching 'so you think you can dance' & stuff every night when his ex-lady wanted to put on her fab shoes & go out on the town.

on to bigger issues.

above: our weekly spotlight on LaRue, holding not a snake this week, but another dangerous big animal called the big ole southern catfish (yes hell they will bite you). that's my parent's store in the background. that's LaRue standing in the back of his truck. that's a rather large catfish which mama said he wanted me to see. i am so glad about it! he makes snake jewelry (but of course)--you know, rattler necklaces & stuff & has said he's gonna gift me some. how excited did i get about this? ridiculously. i heart LaRue.

Friday, June 4, 2010

cutest face ive ever seen

this has got to be the best pic showing lil lyla g growing up. look at them eyes, that hair turning darker. im a proud auntie!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

afternoons when i look onto the sea

it's science friday! which i used to love to listen to while working at the white stallion ranch, cleaning leather saddles in the sun after lunch, when i first moved to tucson. the german grls would plead for music & i, being oldest, would make them suffer through, although they started to like it too, i think. i always learn so much.


make a crime novella, mata hari legs.


if he should fall i upend him a lion. he was always, & that's what he would want me to do.


from the book mm gifted me about 5 months ago, which i now read daily, as an important part in rising, just as coffee, just as feeding the cats: (has become most important to me...)

in order to keep family and friends from interfering with their drinking, alcoholics (that taboo word/ my insert) sometimes create diversions by accusing or provoking. at such time, we who have been affected by someone else's drinking tend to react, to argue, and to defend ourselves. as a result, nobody has to look at the alcoholism, for we are too busy focusing on the particular point being argued--any topic will do. and unfortunately, what we defend against we make real.

when we take step one, we admit that we are powerless over this disease. we do not have the strength necessary to fight it. defending ourselves by engaging in arguments with actively drinking or otherwise irrational people is as fruitless as donning armor to protect ourselves from nuclear explosion. only a power greater than ourselves can restore us to sanity.

give em hell willie f

firstly, mm's lovely cacti blooming does not make me miss tucson--just her & the cacti/flowers in her amazing garden. im doing well here. i likes it.



im reading the sound & the fury by the one & onliest faulkner, & im shocked at the difficulty i have, even as a southerner, getting through the language, grasping what is going on the narrative world, etc.

BUT, i LOVE that about this book (...the difficulty, something complex to stop me in my day-to-day goings & make me thiiiiiiink, really think; thank heavens!). it's really really hard. i imagine that is what makes this book great, classic, timeless--it's dense, it's textured, the language is terse, wrought, it's hard to wade through but it's just pure damn beautiful writing. it's difficult in the way that ALL great things are. willie f would've gotten his ass bitten off had he showed up with his rolled trousers to workshop these days--not by me, but my the society's mass of writers & what they pen the "writerly good"--which tends to be on the "accessible" side, lol.

I like smart people. I like smart people who have a voice & opinion. I like people who are just damn complicated with a million things going at once. I like difficult as all hell writing that challenges the bloody hell out of my life which ultimately changes my life. Good writing should CHANGE your life, not be pretty & accessible on the page. For all these reasons, I shall never care when "someone/s" call my writing "too difficult" ever again. Cause when you google their own work, it's laughable-easy & you think no wonder they couldn't read through your book. I'd rather be smart & take risks. Kisses--

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

i like to put real folks into poems. here's LaRue.

i put LaRue in a poem in the second chapbook, Land Wide to Get a Hold Lost In.

LaRue attempted to find the rattlesnake on our farm that almost got me (my feet!) one day in early may 08. he couldnt find that snake, just its hole which it was not in. LaRue gets people's snakes & he not only fixes household appliances (as i wrote) but also is known to be one of the better handymen in douglas, ga: fixin everything from roofs, whatever you need done, buildin houses, & dont ever forget, gettin big snakes for people.

my folks own a plumbing & electrical supply store in douglas, ga, meaning they see LaRue probably every day. my mama said she was going to take a pic of LaRue just now, chillin on the counter without that big snake in his hands, but LaRue wasnt having it. when she sneaks one of LaRue for me, i'll post that one too.


im off to get a pedicure. Laid on the beach much too long with Sara (Cheenie) yesterday, so i am not gonna be beach active today. cept when the sun is low, i'll jog. day two of beach jogging. that is, if it doesnt cloud up. seems to want to storm every afternoon here. nice after all that desert dry, the skin on my face likes it.