Monday, October 4, 2010

monday / doo wop / isnt it fall yet?

i had myself a ball last nite. thing i realize--yes, it's one of those realization days--is that loves may come & go & come & go, but how important are friends?--sooo important. they can lift you right up out of literal death & they can keep you from drunk texting. (thanks d.k.) no seriously though, good friends & good family communication makes life so worthy. i am a happy grl. everything seems to work out, doesn't it?


i had to run out to the campus to pick up my photocopied handouts & just HAD to have myself some cracker barrel dumplings & fried chicken--& granny & mama, no it was not the same, but i needed some southern food today. had to have it. and they also throw a lot of southern hospitality your way too--which i appreciate. i feel all wholesome. thanks, cracker barrel.


ive recently gone through this period where journals are asking for new work. this is really cool to me--sure beats sending out blindly. what happens when a journal solicts work--they know my writing style, etc, i'm sure--& they don't want all of it, just some. this is bothering me. the poem they didnt take is good--i'll say it, it's good. but it may be content heavy: war stuff. very personal. i know i shouldnt let it bother me, but it does. is this common?--to be solicted from & then picked apart (for content...)? hmmm... kind of weird in my mind.