Sunday, February 27, 2011

sun / oscars / cooking

spicy moroccan stewed fish w/ couscous via jamie oliver via goop. yum.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

SAT / dreary day ew / where's the sun?

mama sent me this granny ben flower pic--a stand-in for the sun.

well, i sent the book out to two places. feel good about it.

sat / sissy had a birthday on thurs

she turned 30. mama made her a carrot/apple cake.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

tues / thinkin bout mexico yup -- gotta get this book done & out firstly tho

ive been taking good care. gym. writing. thinking clearly about what i want to do with myself. making goals. talking to my mama. having tea w/ mm. hangin w/ ms annie. just really taking care.

ive had two good days of class. tomorrow i have to be up at 7am to take ms. sasstrida to the vet for literally all her remaining teeth removed. im gonna volunteer tomorrow afternoon at voices. peer revision in my nite class. & hopefully dinner w/ annie.

rodeo parade is eaaaaarly thursday morning. dont have class due to rodeo: yeeeehaw in all the best ways possible. ana bozicevic (my pressmate & nice grl/amazing poet) is coming to tucson on thurs, & im looking forward to hearing her read.


i am hoping, along w/ LL, to go to Cabo over spring break. i am fingers-crossed this will happen.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Friday, February 18, 2011

fri / cooking day & regrouping day / sasstrid

astrid sasstrid magnussen went to the vet today. she has five teeth in her whole mouth. three will be removed on wed. the estimated cost will be between 500-700. wonderful.


i have salmon filets soaking in lemon juice. just roasted yams. i made this new spicy chickpea tomato curry from this month's food & wine. it's just fabulous.


revising. i have nine days til i send this lil book out. wish me luck in these final stages in the here & now.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

it's tues but wed am / tomorrows gonna be

last nite n & i had a lovely dinner at 'the dish.' mussels, shrimp escabeche, lobster in a ragout w/ hollandaise, asparagus, some of ns redbird, mash potatoes. lovely wine--pesquera, i think was its name, it was amazing.

annie is back in town. we went to crossroads for mexi food & major margaritas. & to mayards for more tequila & catching up. tomorrow is annie's bday. happy birthday, grl, welcome home! ive missed you!



Monday, February 14, 2011

mon / v-day / part une, in pictures

one: my new bed my mama made me
two: my new duvet
three: grita vday
four: sasstrid vday

sun / organize & clean & it's gorgeous out & im cheerful

[mama & daddy mustve gone to granny & papa's today. she sent me several pics of my granny's goats. this one is cute cute.]

i can tell when ive been writing a lot. at first i have trouble in this linear world operating. i seem a bit 'out of it.' then after at least a week of writing hard, everything makes sense. im on it & i feel fulfilled & spry in the world--i dont have that anxiety that i should be writing.

so, today was a brilliant sunday. up--good coffee, organized my file cabinet & desk area, worked hard on my backyard, trimming back all of my plants that despite my covering them up snug, mostly froze through & through. i put my new springtime duvet on my bed. also, i went to target. i know: danger! i got some new pic frames--framed an pic of mama (at 16 yrs old) on 'red hot sam' (most legendary horse in the southeast) & hung it in my desk area. already have a pic of mama on Mark, so i figured i needed one of her on her own love.

got some thai takeout. wrote a quiz for my downtown 101. made an assignment sheet for the week. n came over & helped me burn stuff in the chiminea outside. then he lovingly watched the atl housewives reunion w/ me. ive the best valentine.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

SAT / gorgeous day & drive down to Patagonia

JH suggested we scream poems off the edge of a butte today & that sounds pretty good to me. I had my first ever Sonoran Dog (a double!) at the Wagon Wheel. Got home round 6pm but have been under a malaise of 'this was one of these days that can no way get any better...' & so Ive just chilled out, wanting to do absolutely nothing, that sweetness. Cept a lil online shoe browsing & Weeds on Tv. Ah.

Friday, February 11, 2011

fri / just beautiful day / writing in the office w/ mm

[here's the rattlesnake jewelry LaRue dropped off for me at Coley's today. whoop! love em.]

i really do heart a 70+ degree friday. all the world is right out. i had a great class yesterday at NW, got home & wrote away, went to see Rusty Morrison & Fred Moten read for the Poetry Center's 'Next Word in Poetry' series, & after wrote away for a couple more hours. up early today to meet w/ A, talked to my mama who is in the process of making me an incredibly interesting architectural head & baseboard out of industrial pipe (AMAZING!--my mama is so creative), & now im at mm's having high tea & working away.

tomorrow is the patagonia book festival--im going to hear my friend deanne stillman read. then im popping over to the Wagon Wheel to meet JH for afternoon cocktails. lovely.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

wed / still in my pjs cause i teach a nite class / listening to dolly records / LL LL youre the best


tues / dragulater! if ya cant love yaself how the hell ya gonna love anyone else? -rupaul

it's no joke i love rupaul's drag race. well season 3 just started & ive made my pick & seeing as there's no jujubee this season, im going w/ a southern grl (of course)! her name is mariah. she's real purty. i also like delta work from jersey. when i get time im gonna watch 'where the frock are they?' to see what my jujubee is up to. sigho.


had a good day. up later than i wanted, felt like making a quiz for the kiddies at NW: heeeheeeheee. had a lovely meal w/ mm. i made a green lentil/shitake mush/red chard dish spiced w/ tumeric, cumin, coriander that i took from last month's food & wine. it was good. mm made a nice yellow curry w/ turkey & mush & basmati. then we worked in the office. i did three loads of laundry. it's still cold out. from last week's freeze, dead cactus is everywhere on the streets, the ground, apocalyptic dead cacti everywhere. on a nice note: i got pink & purple tulips today from someone special.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

sun / yah!

great game! i heart aaron rodgers & the Pack!

sat / who said who saaaaaaid, you cannot lose if you do not play

ah hell it's superbowl time! down below is hot hot hot aaron rodgers.

pretty excited--hope i can manage some sleep! i have a 21" tv so will be heading over to ns--a 52" tv, amen.

the menu: buffalo chicken sliders (buff chix tenders, red onion, arugula, a sauce of sriracha/lite ranch/curry powder yup), chicken taquitos, chips, salsa, guac, refried beans, amen.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

sat / O O O O O

O Lina

I will never be sober, the sky a tumultuous blue wrenching winter, all tucked in, the black cats under the car. O Lina I am high maintenance, says of the woman who knows how to walk & hold her shoulders, countenance. There’s a denim sale Lina, O there’s coasters & potting soil & the day reverberating I get in the car, I turn the car on, I turn, I turn swanlike in my hewed state, hands limned into being as in Mary her Pieta, as, son do not drop me. I have enough about me to know he could. The sky parts mal-orange Olympian & he is there, militated to ramparts that blast the heavens like a hammer.

feb 5

Thursday, February 3, 2011

happy to not be at awp

:) yes!

oh yes i am.

laura little & i did have a dang blast last year trotting all over denver(worst hangover ever on record, there was nothing fun about that, though), but this year it's too cold to be bopping around doing poetry stuff. feet of snow & i do not do not mix uh uh. right now im straight chilling w/ grita & am going to go get some mexi food here in a bit.

sunday is super superbowl & them PACK are gonna bring it, & im gonna be wearing cheesehat & hollering & texting abraham smith who's flying home on the red-eye from DC to watch the game. im needing to put some money down--i just know we're gonna win it.

thurs / it's 26 damn degrees outside / brrrrrrrrrr

what i cooked for last nite for dinner tonite which is now canceled. yukon gold potates, garlic, onion, yellow & red bell peppers, mushroom, tomato, zucchini, more onion & garlic & peppers, topped w/ thyme & parm. delish.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

tues / hallo feb / life is full of eventualities

feb. hallo feb.

wonderful day feb. got up & puttered around, coffee in new anthropologie tea cup & emails & schlumping around, preparing for class & such. great class. home, to the gym, to mms for veggie soup & homemade bread & wine & great talk.

feb. im happy.