Saturday, April 30, 2011

sat / blame it on the royal wedding / getting my rest & grading on

thurs: class / class / to mms for cocktail hr / to dinner w/ george & mm at 47 scott / tired / cough / cough syrup w/ codeine @ midnite / fight sleep / watch the royal wedding / bed at 330

fri: general exhaustion from cough syrup, not enough sleep, royal wedding / sesh w/ a / relax / food & fashion blogs / tumamoc w/ dr danielle / dinner at chars / wine in the backyard / shower at 11 / out at 1230am / pick up dani / meet up w/ peeps at ches / up til 5am / general exhaustion

sat: this & that / newest thing in south tucson: the dollar general / $5 off coupon for dollar general in my mailbox / drop peeps off at their home / dollar general / 7 bags of stuff for $33 / clean / bizarre stuff / cook a huge breakfast/lunch / stay away from dollar general chorizo / sick as all hell / grading / general exhaustion / belly ache

blame it on the royal wedding :)


when i used to ride hontas in the high hayfield, id sing 'sometimes hontas you & i are a 3 legged horse who cant get across the finish line, no matter how hard he tries & tries & tries'...which is from smoke signals. i substituted 'hontas' in for 'father'--the song of course addressing a father, pleading almost. that then got me thinking a/b the ending of smoke signals:

Thursday, April 28, 2011

wed a.m. / bout to head to bed / was hanging out w/ friend in yard w/ wine & talking life

and i thought of this song, since 'justified' tonite spotlighted a gillian welch song, & this album has been on my mind lately. this is a long song. poetic, beautifully rendered. love it. loved it since '01 with a deep passion. me & laura little used to roadtrip to this one.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

tues / rooooough day / but i have pics from home of family easter

which makes me happy. a lil sad cause i wish i couldve been there but happy nonetheless. ms g is growing up. this is the first year she was able to hunt them eggs, & she found the most money--34 bucks--go g bear! and my rouch is the most beautiful mama in the world yes!

Monday, April 25, 2011

mon / key west / tennesse williams my heart

During the years Tennessee Williams lived in Key West, he swam at South Beach every morning before sitting down to write. "I work everywhere," Williams said of Key West, "but I work best here.

Tennessee Williams arrived in Key West in 1941, when he was 30 years old. He came here to write plays and swim - the former exhausted him and the latter relaxed him. Born Thomas Lanier Williams in Mississippi, his father was a traveling salesman and his mother a "Southern Belle" transplanted from her birthplace: Ohio.

After his first major success, The Glass Menagerie, and his second, A Streetcar Named Desire, he had enough money to buy a home in Key West, a one-and-a-half story Bahamian at 1431 Duncan Street. Although he loved it here, he spent most of his life in a series of hotels and rented apartments at other locations in the United States and Europe.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

easter sun / part one / i went riding horses w/ my friend ralph

me and max from this morning after our ride. i gave him a bath. he immediately rolled in the dirt, of course. mexican bay getting up from his rolling.

easter sun / part two

pics from this morning. max is my pony. josie is the old grl, a blue heeler. :0

Friday, April 22, 2011

fri / heart fri / goooood sleep / key west or bust

im gettin the hell outta tucson again this summer. ive now (almost) taught two full semesters of students at pcc--& ive enjoyed it & learnt a much about myself over the last year. i look forward to getting away again this summer. tucson i heart but tucson is cramped. tiny. this below is me & me las' house this summer in key west. im gonna finish book 2 & sling booze & have raucous affairs (just jk mama).

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

tues / raaar / no sleep / long day / dinner w/ my old mija

was going through my old pics which im now thinking was a very bad idea, as im crying. but i did run across this pic of me & my rouchie from 2009. it's very us.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

mon / restless / reading eric weinstein's vivisection just out from new michigan press

which makes me long for something i dont have presently. the cover is stark white w/ a heart, a heart just plucked from some crevice of somebody's body; the cover seizes you up; you're human: of heart.

i like this one, eric.

"Letter to Allen, 2:12 AM"

Tonight it rains over New York & the sky is rust--
you never told me that, Allen, that night's machinery
could rust--now the starry dynamo ground to a halt,
now everything wound down the way time lapses over
mattresses no one sleeps on. I guess entropy's got to eat,
too--eat the crystal singing heavenly sphere's like eggs cracking
up the way your mother did, the way all mothers do--
& I think I hear wolves, Allen, which are not indigenous
to my apartment any more than horse skeletons are indigenous
to the earth behind barns but still belong. I would have liked
to hear that hydrogen jukebox. To never see this sodium sky
again, this iron sky, orange as war: that's why it is, Allen, so I
can get some sleep. To dream tonight I'm back in my childhood
home. To eat an egg in the kitchen's silence. To colonize the night's
labyrinthine spine. To sit in the attic & carve out wish-bones of stars.

Thank you, Eric Weinstein. Love your work.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

sun / etta james / confederate jasmine mama

my confed jasmine is growing up like a weed, mama. my whole frontstoop is divine. i cut flowers off & bring them inside in lil glass cutling vases & my whole house smells of jasmine.


today is grade/jog w/ annie/lasagna nite/upstairs downstairs/grading. happy sunday to all.

sherwin bitsui is twittering for national poetry month over at POETSONG. i heart sherwin's work, yes.

sat / hay / happiest grl in the world to not be bartending club crawl / happy

i always mean to post this song on april 14th but forget somehow. it's a great one.


ive been content lately. today i woke up & listened to records & graded outside w/ coffee & las, gorgeous day. the grls & i did tumamoc in record speed--yes, my legs are looking fierce from that uphill where i cuss all deities while the grls are barely breathing hard. had a glass of wine w/ annie in the backyard (aunt lisa called & asked me the craziest question ive ever been asked by a family member [she was on that moonshine i reckon]--i shall not repeat the question nor my answer here...) & then i went to eat w/ danielle & the wonderful med school grl entourage. danielle & i ended the night drinking wine in the backyard reflecting. i am so infinitely happier than i was on this very day last year. how do i know? well today is club crawl. and im not slingin booze this year. last year i was a damn wreck, & without a doubt was the surliest thing in the world behind that bar at congress. i was downright ugly & in a funky state last year. this year i am content. and light-hearted. and where i need to be. grading papers on a sat nite. listening to g welch. having spent all day w/ lovely grlfriends. happy. w/ fierce legs. :)

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

wed / gorgeous / i WANT some sun on my legs / it's april / writing / reading cause it's PO MONTH

i have always LOVED john berryman. i bought his Delusions, Etc. like five years ago & i remember opening it for the first time at a dirtyass laundromat on nostrand ave down the st from my st johns st house in bklyn.


(a layman's winter mockup, wherein moreover
the Offices are not within one day said
but thro' their hours at intervals
over many weeks--such being the World)

Lord, have mercy on my son: for he is lunatick,
and sore vexed: ofttimes he falleth into
the fire, and oft into the water.

And he did evil, because he prepared not
his heart to seek the Lord.


many smiles.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

sat / cold & rainy day makes me happy day / recovery

[hydrangea / bloom / from what katie ate blog / pretty]

[learning new trade. regather. i pull the lovers card in nearly all my spreads tonite. in fears. in house. what crosses. in fears. what is before him.]

[yesterday was grls day out / so much fun / today i write]

[i had popeyes & i write]

[i talked to my mama & write]

[i look at cottages in key west & i write some more]

[it's cold/rainy in this desert / good writing weather / spring / bloom / grounding]

Friday, April 8, 2011

thurs / jesus / sweat / in the words of mm 'dont let the bastards get you down'

meaning my day to days. i get home, i feed ms lucy. she sounds like a squirrel, she's missing half an ear. home. la. i prop up the window w/ a rock. i have graded 60 essays this last week. but tonite i read bev dahlen & new abe smith & am still on the beauj tho it's hot hot. i forgot my deoderant today. ive been taking a lot of pics. i want to buy some new shoes.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Sunday, April 3, 2011

SUN / gorgeous day / end of troubles

SAT / goodness gracious / roadtrip w/ d / fun fun fun fun

such a pleasant morning, watering things & singin g welch & luxuriating as should a weekend entail. d & i left for our wine tasting sat around 1. the drive down to sonoita is gorgeous. there is no other word--i love the lay of the land, everything rich in gold grass, country, horses everywhere. got to the first winery round 230. sweetest peach sparkle good lord. then to a very surprisingly lovely winery whose owner is quite young & very knowledge & very nice. we bought a couple bottles then headed to the steak out where i had a three pound t-bone. the waitress cracked a joke that i had a hole in my foot i ate so much. heehee. yep. three pounds. i felt fabulous afterwards. we headed fifteen miles to patagonia to the wagon wheel which is such an amazing bar. hung out w/ nice winery owner drinking beer on the patio, sunset, fun times. back to tucs. backyard w/ nice new wine & talking. im tired. wonderful day.

more sat / sonoita / elgin / patagonia