Friday, June 10, 2011


got on my trusty bicycle & rode down to mallory square which looks over the ocean--& i went to my favorite place to eat in town thus far: pepe's cuban food! i dont know if it's all that pork or the bartender pouring on a nine count in a tiny glass, but im comatosed. the bike ride home was difficult & this is island flatland. the bartender, phil, is a bartender's bartender & i like him mucho. i met a guy that's there every afternoon for like all his life & he's in his 60s--named Red Flowers. i do love key west--such an ease--everybody's high or drunk & driving mopeds nonetheless. you dont have to dress up to go out--every woman is in her bathing suit anyways. it's a good thing for me to be here, as i tend to be high stress at times & need to do some chillin out. & i need to eat all the cuban food i can...

think im gonna go see the new woody allen movie tonite at the tropics--the number one cinema in fl. it's vintage for sure.