Wednesday, July 27, 2011

wed / this my grita my fat grl cat possum bear / deal of the years

grita's stitches are almost gone. she's more herself today than she's been in months. happy is an understatement. super-stoked.


voltaire books, a pretty cool indie bookstore, is closing its doors & everthing was 50% off. i got ten great books & some spectacular carnival notecards/stationary. i got--barry hannah's 'long, last, happy'--DFW 'The Pale King'--Bolano's '2666'--egan's 'a visit from the goon squad'--joyce's 'finnegan's wake'--t williams' 'the two character play'--'camino real'--'the glass menagerie'--'in the winter of cities'--woolf's 'a room of one's own.' real nice hardbacks too.


went over to granny's tonite for a chicken fry. it was just like you imagine. granny fried chicken.


yes i am getting my pages done somehow. all 11 left, i will by sunday.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

tues / wishing i could be on the show 'texas women' / one grl calls another & says we're bucking bulls tomorrow if you wanna git on one

and then they cheers & say 'may they buck awesome.' one of the gals is a barrel racer. makes me wish i had a pony w/ some run/turn in him.


yesterday i was at the gym forever b/c i knew that i would be eating a big ass steak dinner at granny's. my gym is a bookstore. they let me take whatev mag/book off the shelves to look at while im on the bike or elliptical. i grabbed a recent issue of subtropics, the u of f's lit journal. welllll, i was a-sweatin & not enjoying subtropics until i got to this poem by brent newsom which i like b/c i think the psychology is true & newsom presents w/ surface ease which seems befitting. the lake is always exploding.

Pfc. Mason Buxton Wets a Hook

All warfare is based on deception.
-Sun Tzu, The Art of War

Whether you're wiping out a phantom weapons cache
or planting homemade bombs in cardboard boxes,
trash cans, saddlebags, Sun Tzu was right:
the lie lies dead at the heart of war. By it
we live and die. Theh art's in choosing lures.
(A shiner? Melon lizard? Chartreuse worm?)
That's part. But the naked truth won't nail a bass.
You hide the hook inside. Then drop the bait
between two cypress stumps, jig your rod
at five Mississip, crack open a cold one. Sip.
He bites, you set and reel--then watch the lake explode.


i want a macaroon.

a light green one.

Monday, July 25, 2011

mon / lockout over / we officially have football. enough said.

early afternoon chatter:

me: i get so f-ing sick of espn. does anyone really think 4 would play backup for vick? the whole favre watch and sarcasm pisses me off.

abe s: take a tip from me, 4 - stay up on that john deere - keep cuttin grass with big ass tractor - you really glowd all volcano cherry red, brettlee, but nows the time to ember yer way on inta hall o' fame eternityyyyyyy

me: yes. he's knows he's f-ed up his image royally--why the hell would he ever let himself become even more a joke by being a backup eagle? ridic.

me: the media like to use him as a tool for humor--i do not think it's funny. i have a good mind to write an email these jackals on espn

as: i am guessing hee can only take so many of deanna's bible verses magneted to the fridge - and summer gets him fidgetin just like a horse smellin new pasture

as: agreed. espn - enormous stupid panderin nonsense

me: rodgers did right criticizing these fools. id rather john berryman myself off a high one than watch those idiots on pardon our interruption.

as: amen amen - here - here

me: bible verses on the fridge ha ha

as: stick to the psalms deanna - stick to the hooters in hattiesburg brett

me: yeppp. at least i got to see him play live once. they didnt win, but he was still godly then. life changing experience. thanks, daddy zach taylor.

as: there we have it - gracias papa. brett's spiral was a bath in infinity's waters.

me: lockout over. just announced. we have football!

as: donald driver for president of the universe!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

sun. grita curl / hot hot beach day / why do our voices change / everything does / reckon / sunset over my Key / tea time

today is my last full sunday fun day in KW. sad sigh.

grita update: not thrilled w/ me. but much better.


im using this.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Friday, July 22, 2011

fri / Hem Round dos / Blue Heaven

aunt pam riding the handlebars all the way from sloppys to blue heaven.

bike ride.

papa & granny.

fri / shopping all day, whut / pics of happenings

mr bart & my papa, Hem 2000

me & daddy

im like, do any of these men look like Hemingway? Hmmm... let me give em a pop quiz pronto!

daddy went fishing today

Thursday, July 21, 2011

thurs / grita home / eat eat eat / Hemingway Round 1 / & yes again the ole Conch Rep

Grita is home thank goodness. She has a tiny head & a big belly. See her lil scars. Aw Soulgee, heartbreaking.

Papa Hemingway's Bday. Lookalike Society Round Une. Any of these fellows look like Hem to you? I dunno.

hot bloody hell hot / at B.O.'s Fishwagon / me mama daddy yeeeeah


talked to my sister Whitney this morn. she's coming to tucson in early sept. yeah!--stoked! it's been years & years since i've seen her.

thanks to catch up magazine for asking & taking a poem & for being so cute & polite.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

guess where we had dinner? yep, the ole conch rep.

wed / early / grita surgery / house in the middle of petronia / half rainbow / summer morning rain

grita is at the vet clinic for stone removal surgery. bless.

front page of key west news--an old conch house across from the cemetery was bought for $500 & moved this morning a couple blocks over. i got to see the house in the middle of petronia heading to white st. pretty neat.

on the way home from the clinic a big ole bright half-rainbow covering KW.

heading to my gym/bookstore.

mama & daddy get in tonite.

i didnt sleep a wink exactly.

clear eyes. full heart. cant lose. yes, i finished the series finale of FNL. tore up! so good. i love me some football.

Monday, July 18, 2011

i very rarely blog ab fashion but im seriously loving these caftans & tunics from two new york

i want to wear only caftans for the rest of my life. done.

mon / if annie were here we'd be batchin' it up / day 5 cleanse / granny & papa's 54th wed anniversary fish fry tonite / my new gym is a bookstore too

the most genius idea on the planet. bargain bookstore/newsstand / fabulous desk lady that hooked me up / a poet's discount because poets you see are broke / in the back of the bookstore is a very masculine gym not fit really for the ladies / therefore i use weight machines etc / pumping iron yall / got a get a shower & get to fish fry.

post-fab workout. this is my why are all the cutest men gay in KW face. or, my, if i were a gay man i'd be in heaven face.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

sat / im on a cleanse. nothing but food and poetry you see.

happy sat folks. it's hot in key west. my skin is much too much dark after rouch & annie's visit so i stay in today. cool hand luke on the telly, poems in me-brain.

i'm happy to say after three vets i finally know wtf is wrong w/ missus grita, a.k.a. soulgee. my girl still wasn't feeling well so i took her back to the clinic. the 3rd vet did a lil x-ray & two minutes later was showing me 10 or more stones in my girl's bladder. grita was misdiagnosed twice--around $600 tossed at issues that were simply wrong. yes i'm unhappy about this. grita has surgery on wednesday to get the stones removed. one happy thing is at least i know what's wrong now & can just get the damn thing taken care of. i hate not knowing what's what & seeing her still suffer. prayers for me lala por favor. love.


it's hitting me full force i have only two weeks left in me conch casita #3 on elizabeth street. here's the little chair on the front porch, i covered it w/ an old quilt from home. i write here sometimes of a night, take the quilt to the beach by day. granny, papa, aunt vicki, & my thomas come on sunday eve. i will visit with family, fish w/ thomas off the marina dock, eat well. mama & daddy & rest o' fam come on wed nite-sun morning. we are gonna have some fun yeh.


here's me & sasstrid. sasstrid does not cleanse. i do not erase coffee or mojo sauce from cleanse. today i make chicken tacos for lunch--im stuffing the hell out of a corn tortilla then dropping that sucker into grease--desert-style. fry the whole thing. im cleansing alcohol (rioja!) for awhile, not fried food. i am exercising though. sasstrid is not exercising. she mans the couch.

i went to see tree of life last nite. thought of walking out at least 27 times but ive never done that kind of thing before, so i stayed. you best be ready for heavy metaphoric/rhetorical activity should you see this film. film got a D+ at best in my book.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

what i got for myself for my 30th birthday

collapsed & pegasus

two noah saterstrom paintings/drawings from his NOAH SATERSTROM WORK-A-DAY PAGE [] GO GET YOUR OWN!

was hard to pick--noah's so talented. i still want all of them.


thanks also to black warrior review for soliciting & taking 4 of my new poems from Lions.

today is thursday the 14th. annie left out this morning. last nite we had ourselves a lil fun.

annie & i went to louie's backyard afterdeck. almost full moon on ocean.

dinner at nine one five duval - james beard award winning cuisine. tuna dome. rioja. thai fusion take on a cippiono.

drop by 801 bourbon & pick up holly so slightly.

cocktails at virgilios.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

wed / annie's last day :(

here's me on wed. just made annie & i some goat cheese grits w/ an egg over easy & a lil seedy hot sauce breakfast. yum. we're chilling. coffee.

i knew what she was thinking sitting her big ole self up in that chair. i said grita dont do it.

grita head in my water glass. the cat has never listened to me.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

tues / beach bums / grilling out / caaaat man

annie & i went to mallory sq to see the sunset festivities. the cat man always makes me cry & nearly piss my pants he's so damn funny. i seriously can't handle it. he's ridiculously funny to me.

we dropped by pepe's & saw phil. we waved to mama & daddy in the sloppy's webcam. we came home. ab to watch 'jockeys.' oh yeh.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

sat / beach / sun / bahia honda

yesterday i took mandy & g to the airport. sad sad. my la las are happy. soulgee is ecstatic rouch. annie & i laid out on beach then had an accidental 5 course at Azur where Chef Mossey hooked us up & neighbor Tina joined us.

up early today to head to Bahia Honda Key State Park. bliss. named as one of Conde Nast's most amazing beach destinations--no doubt. a nice family on a yacht let us borrow snorkel masks & we were literally picking up big ass conch shells everywhere. it was super & amazing--the beach was definitely the nicest ive ever visited. popped in briefly at the no name pub on big pine key. couple deer. now home. tiiiiired.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

offic older / tin roof subtropic rain / annie is still 8 hrs from seeing the keys sad face / i like muumuu house like i like the new jersey housewives

g likes rock n roll. we rocked out this morning to the boss. dancing in the dark. the one where courtney cox jumps on the stage at the end of the video. lyla is into intense head nodding to rock. auntie too!

new friend 'holly so slightly' says i 'could' or 'i want to' chip your tooth. i say you wont make it out of this bar. mandy narrows her eyes the way she does & says 'you won't.'

annie missed her flite due to delay out of boston & is stuck in ft lau. boo. it's raining here now for two days straight. stopped yesterday for an hour. we rode bikes to the aquarium. huge sharks & sting rays.

i love america. how where an 18 yr old kid can become a 'serious writer' just because he's 'depressive' & 'fun' & masturbates on the web whilst reading something reallllly indie-cool & is friends w/ someone who i reckon is deemed a 'groundbreaking' or 'movt making' kind of writer. i dont know though, i never read any of his work. i sometimes enjoy reading html giant. this morning i did. you know, seeing writers waste time worrying what some kid is doing in some video for shock value when they should be writing groundbreaking literature. i should be writing. i like groundbreaking literature. also i like teresa from the nj housewives a lot. how she's on the ny times bestseller list for her cookbook. how she flips tables when angry & wears a whole bunch of pink faux fur & is very catholic & hail mary & when she invited her brother to her ny times bestselling signing on facebook (unacceptable medium) it prompted her brother to call her garbage & then teresa's husband joe fought w/ teresa's brother joe on live tv in front of a lot of children & the brother says to the old & ill father when shamed--'but you're my faaaaaaather...' it was brilliant. i love to paint my toes when watching the nj housewives. i should be writing or eating. it rains.

30 / if it dont make you look like a drag queen put it back on the rack

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

wed / it's my birthday / it's frieda's too / makes sense

just had a pedicure--toes red red. got big huge baskets of foodstuffs & chocolate from mama & daddy. got a sitter for g-bear. tapas soon galore. & rioja! birthday!