Tuesday, August 30, 2011

tues / i got 10 hrs of sleep & i got up at 10am / getting stuff done tues

up / emails galore jeez / rush to the U for office hrs / i so enjoy my students--what intelligent & thoughtful & driven folks i get to keep company with / home / redo everything for bwr / & now i'm like i neeeed to go to the gym / but im like oh jeez this couch is so nice. still have 3 lectures to prepare. better get a move on, ugh.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

horse/dog time makes me most happy

max & max's big ars. ringo & josie of my heart.

sun / i love sunday tucson

yesterday was perfect. class stuffs, good workout, food shopping. d came over & we went to see my lovely friends'--Joe Lo Novelli & Gabriel Miller Phillips--early show at congress. then d & i came home & fired up that ole green grill & threw on some huge-huge jumbo shrimp & sweet corn still in husk. of course mojo galore. then, i went to the red room for round 2 gabe/joe. didnt get home til after 2am. goodness. my most fav joe is worth it--i adore him forever. im getting more work done & then am heading out to marana to ride my stocky pony max!

Friday, August 26, 2011

fri / thank god / packers game on the telly / i got about 4 inches cut off my hair

week one done. i heart my poetry class. go packers go.

[a lil piece of my backyard]

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

tucson late afternoon trash & dirt blowing everywhere, a monsoon that couldn't come yet double rainbow & trains always trains. it's that time of year

when in order to be supremely happy i buy the 6 dollar vogue sept issue. i want it all, esp the new chanel bag & well, everything really sans hugo boss which is not me, uh-uh.

wed / comatose / it's too hot to believe (& that's the first time i've said that all summer...)

yeh it's 108 in tucson. chuck george just stated on kold that it's 10 above average. it feels like 124. bloody hell.

i like this illustration. it's called neon queen which is what i do not feel like at this moment but long to feel like. what better feeling than neon queen? i'd say different i imagine if i were trapped behind the bar...for sure i would.

officially done w/ teaching 3 different classes in 1 day. i taught 101 at the U, a 102 at Pima (80% past students so very really nice), & a 101 at Pima. wooooo. a bit tired.

i still want fried chicken meaning i'm going to the gym. no emotional eating, no emotional...ugh. i really want some chicken deep fried.

tues / just got back from a show

just got back from seeing calexico back amos lee at the fox. dd got me a +1--thanks, d. was fun.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

mon / all i needed was some bad tv

[i refer to this photo as poet in academia; i refer to this as laura little is a unicorn as a girl with a healer's hands; i refer to the sundown on the stones, tide jerk her belly back homeward; i refer i put my feet there not long ago; see yield, refer to the day; i confer that's a unicorn hanging on my wall, may the horn always rival the bulls; i refer thinness, her motherless, her waist; refer, seek, she, the winter, it's ever-coming.


day une of classe today at the U. Biking from 22nd (20 mins) did see my whole dress sweated through. remedy. post-class i rode over to mms & chained my bike in her front yard which is like a mile from the U. i will not sweat through all of my clothes in this desert while dressed all orderly for my class. noooooo.

i had lunch w/ mm & dd & ana who have been studying for like 10 hrs a day for their end of the third year med school test. then i did business stuff when i wanted a nap. then i went to the gym when i wanted a nap. then i got sushi when i wanted 3 fried chicken breasts & spicy mashed potatoes & biscuits from popeyes. life!

Monday, August 22, 2011

sun / resistance is futile

it pains me to say it's that time. i feel like a kid again, the dread!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

thurs / im in the midst of adjunct orientation hell

[my thurs desk // lyla g]

university orientation yesterday & tomorrow. pima nw today. that's a lot of syllbi to get finalized. joined a gym yesterday afternoon. had a lovely puttancesca dinner w/ danielle, mm, & tom z who's on his way to his new teaching digs somewhere out in cali. ok ok, back to work. love goes out to aunt susan, uncle steve, kacee, taylor-man.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

breaking news! shrimp & mojo goes desert. i got a job.

that's my new green grill. that's peel-n-eat shrimp. eaten w/ mojo sauce. mojo=happiness.

in other news, the u of a picked me up to adjunct. stoked.

also, a major monsoon bypassed downtown. darn.

tues / this me gremlin

lyla g. look at how much she's grown. mama's in LA so im getting lots of lil sugar pics.


yesterday was great. interview went well. went to mms to have tea w/ she & danielle. late jog around the barrio/el presidio w/ annie. dani came out & we drank my toscano from dos cabezas. i slept the sleep of a satisfied woman. & now im heading to the pool to regain my leg tan. :)

Sunday, August 14, 2011

sun / morning of yard work / picked up my noah saterstrom work-a-days / dropped mama off at tucson international :( / & am now couching it, oh yes

sonoita rainbow
dream ranch w/ rainbow

mama & i had major chimichangas. i'm immobile. and i miss my mama. me & grita are watching sitcoms & catching up on our rest. grita is officially 3 lbs lighter i'm guessing. major surgery & traveling will do that to a girlbear.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

sat / sonoita-elgin

mama & i have been busy. ate w/ annie on friday at lunch at lil poca cosa. saw 'the help' w/ danielle. today mama had an early massage then we jetted down to wine country & the steak out. im bummed now back in Tus bc i dont have nfl network. c'mon pack, pull it out!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Tucson / morning one

we're home. full of fireworks. el minudo. about to head to tubac. and perhaps a stopover at the mission. hopefully a lil monsoon. taking mama to the rialto to see little bigtown. gettin out my boots!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

tues / bridgetown in transit to beach today / tucson tomorrow / i might have rabies

let's see. abraham smith visited bridgetown, aka country heaven. we went to granny's to a fish fry & planned our book over jura, islay scotch on the front porch, the frogs were truly loud.

mrs emily, the lil ole lady down the dirt road, had me get up a tree yesterday to get one of her feral kittens down that had somehow wedged itself in there real good with a foot that appeared to have been knawed on by a raccoon. the lil sucker bit my finger up real nice. had to take him to town to the vet. he had maggots in his lil eaten up foot & his pelvis was broken. they had to put him down. me & mama both cried for hours. anyways. i could have rabies, should know by tomorrow. my finger is humongous. so i got another tetanus & some antibiotics & stuff.

sean & i ate at danny's for lunch. i have the cat cave just now constructed in the car. mama & i drive to the beach to stay tonite, fly out to the desert tomorrow. stoked. have missed my peoples dearly.

i so hope i dont have rabies.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

august bridgetown pics

une my view out my cottage front

dos grandmother sissy dont let the summer heat get you down. she has thrush in the back hoof im spraying it with bleach to git rid of it

tres me & cita

hallo august / just cut my bangs real short / bout to feed horses / head down the dirt road to mrs emily's / fried chicken & dumplins for dinner

im getting good work done.

mama & i are going on long bike rides late afternoon.

im happy here.