Monday, April 30, 2012

giving it

southern idol love

Sunday, April 29, 2012

long nite of work / brunch w/ DD / now sunday downtime / gooooodness

Blossoms early don’t forget the days that were dark.  Deeply folded lockout, no upshot of God, the seasons.  This will destroy you, snow & light, psalms, human qualities, even if you’re never awake.  Minus battle scars, missteps, women know seasons; we can be like they are.

a tired version of me & rouch, amelia island, 2012

you had best dance.  drew krewer's monster party, 2011.

barbie fairy princess face, lyla w/ cita, amelia island, 2012.

i love these photos:
edward curts, canyon de chelly.

cindy sherman, monument valley girl.

richard gere by herb ritts.

robert mapplethope & patti smith.  if you haven't read Just Kids you should do so.

poet lynda hull.  love her.  "chiffon" is one of my most fav poems ever.

Apr 3:  if time made me a puppet sparkly—place me in NOLA wrought iron balcony fern fall or make me Romanian.  Give circus pets ponies, beg my tongue to come easy on a windy day, carry your house with you as a folded up bridge goes, two-by-two languid & crippled over:  this desert gale our town of survivors, hemmed in or limned her fingers are ballerina.  Mute out your whole book of lions, let it go to the air, get your Bible, her parceled out Jesus, my open mouth woodline leads to hat in hand, a fairy brook, chaise lounge, glad library, granny’s fingers on the keys on a Sunday afternoon in Georgia.  I broke the limb of the front yard tree, the kind she said Christ’s cross was made from.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

back in Tucson

a Bible didn't even mention us, not even one:

a bit weary & tired.  sad to have left family.  love to family.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

big major thanks to A.M. Fine for rocking ADV PO

one hell of a teacher right here.  thanks to my friend for coming & hanging out w/ ADV PO.  i'm very appreciative!

Monday, April 16, 2012

busy busy

i worked all weekend slingin hooch / grita luxuriates in shade

My neighbors' chickens:  I love these chicken grls!

i got a lil couch time after MMs bday party on Thursday nite.  Much needed!

Mom & Dad went to see Kacee & Taylor play ball

MM had a birthday

G Bear & Rouch went to pet farm animals in LA

Papa & Granny at their 55th class reunion.


Danielle & I cooked & watched My Week With Marilyn last nite.  Was fun downtime/grl time.  I hope to finish grading today.  Power through!  

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

today was "one of them days" / but thank you to Ari for rocking ADV PO

ARIANNE ZWARTJES, my dear friend, gave the most introspective & gorgeous lecture on 'hybrid' writing in ADV PO tonite.  Just brilliant.  Thanks so much, Ari.

Friday, April 6, 2012


bunches of business:  still working at agustin.  dd & mm is coming in tonite which makes everything better.  tomorrow is the barrio fest & ima going w/ some grls.

classes are going well.  enjoying this semester.  ian (a student of mine for two years) read last nite at the odyssey storytelling event at fluxx gallery.  i am so proud of him.  stephanie balzer also storytold a piece on morgan.  i'm still rended today.  prayers out to alma, ga.  dd & i had wine in the backyard to decompress.  decompress is imp.  joe lo novelli was in tuscaloosa, bama last nite playin a show & hangin w/ abe smith--they seemed to be having fun.  i painted my toes & fingers deep red.  gotta get ready for work.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

at - Tucson's Brian Lopez gives this girl a shout out -

Brian Lopez on Tucson, His New Album Ultra, and Being Compared to an Octopus

In case you didn't read my review of Brian Lopez's recently released album, Ultra, go now, oh foolish one, and read it.  There. Well done. Thus, in case you didn't notice, Brian Lopez is, indeed, awesome. And now, as you arrive at the top of this interview, you, in the privacy of your own mind, are tirelessly thanking me for bringing you more about this wonderful man and lovely album. You're welcome, dear reader. But I have one more request: after you read this, go and listen (oh, listen!) to that album (if you haven't already), that buttery voice! And you will smile, and all will be right in the world.
Yeah.  Also, get stoked L.A. because tonight and tomorrow night Brian will be playing shows in town--tonight at the Echoplex, tomorrow night at The Hotel Cafe.  Details and more tour info below!
Claire Gallagher: So, Brian, you’re from Tucson.  Has growing up there influenced your music at all?

Brian Lopez: As i've gotten older I've realized exactly how bizarre Tucson is. The desert is such a weird place - humans have no business living here.  It's a desperate environment filled with dwellers and survivalists. At the same time, there is an exotic beauty that is exclusive to the Sonoran Desert. Desolate, desperate, yet beautiful. In that sense, I feel my music is parallel.
CG: Who are some of your biggest musical (or other) influences? 

BL: I have a lot of songs that are about, or stem from Barcelona, Spain. I lived there when I was 21.  Best time of my life. Its a fascinating place -- vibrantly colorful and vivacious.  Also, any poetry from Tucson poet, Shelly Taylor seems to get my tongue wrapped in an inspiring way.  
thanks B-Lo.  Here's his US tour dates:
April 4th at 9:30pm
The Hotel Cafe
Other U.S. dates*:
04/05/12 - The Fillmore - San Francisco, CA
04/06/12 - WOW Hall - Eugene, OR
04/07/12 - The Media Club - Vancouver, BC
04/08/12 - Aladdin Theater - Portland, OR
04/09/12 - The Crocodile - Seattle, WA
04/11/12 - Neurolux - Boise, ID
04/13/12 - Belly Up - Aspen, CO
04/14/12 - Bluebird Theater - Denver, CO
04/15/12 - Santa Fe Brewing - Sante Fe, NM 
then he's going to europe yall:
04/18/12Alte FeuerwacheMannheimDEGermany
04/20/12L'Epicerie ModerneLyonFRFrance
04/30/12Hafen 2OffenbachDEGermany 

Monday, April 2, 2012

hallo APRIL / marshmallow chocolate bunnies / last of the red wine days / the gale days / juju wind / forget west texas this is TUCSON

Las Comadres Interview: Can Tucson’s Next Poet Laureates Bring This City Back from the Brink of Censorship?

...At the same time California celebrated the naming of Juan Felipe Herrera as its first Latino poet laureate and San Antonio announced a “bold” decision to launch renowned Chicana author Carmen Tafolla as its inaugural poet laureate, the city of Tucson, Arizona stole all of the national headlines last month as a literary bonfirewith its removal of classics from outlawed Mexican American Studies classrooms.
Facing an unprecedented wave of censorship, book confiscations and banishment, and indiscriminate attacks on intellectual freedom and first amendment rights, Tucson has unabashedly staked out its claim as ground zero in the defense of poetry and literary arts by virtually every major literary, publishing, library and academic rights organization.
If a city ever needed a poet laureate–a visionary, fearless, deeply rooted voice of clarity and insight–Tucson would rank at the top of every list.
In fact, the Old Pueblo, wracked by divisions, demoralized by a Tucson Unified School District that considers Mexican American literature a “distraction” or even dangerous, and unable to stand up to the Tea Party-led state legislature and its school superintendent side-kick John Huppenthal, probably needs THREE poet laureates: a poetic triumvirate of las comadres, who could begin the long and painful and desperately needed process of giving voice to the dreams, fears and daily challenges of its diverse residents, and using poetry to heal a divided and segregated city and challenge it to imagine a different future.
...thanks Bill Wetzel for passing along.