Saturday, June 23, 2012

recoup afternoon / soup making / wine drinking / new brewery / try a lil tenderness / c'mon

outlaw josie--my boo

thanks, Maria, for my new shorter short hairs!  wooohooo!

hallo saturday : here's a tiny recap :

wed was horses talk w/ marana team ropers / my fav ralph / dinner w/ ms annie (& scotty d my fav!) at kingfisher / fun-fun

thurs i got me hair cuts / & love it / workout thurs / writing & not eating the house down / good chill

fri i worked w/ my boss/mentor steve salmoni on his poems for a couple hrs / visited w/ mm back in town from cincy / workout! / walked w/ friend around my hood / backyard wine drinking -- here a song for my squatter meth neighbor who's fav word is bitch -- he likes to play goo goo dolls loudly from the porch / he likes to yell 'bitch' - to whom i'm unsure - this is also for my friend who admitted he likes this song - & for my sister rouch who has always loved 'the dolls' on the sly.

sat i'm making summer soup / onion garlic red pepper flakes s & p then turkey kielbasa then shitton of kale then chx stock, tomatoes, beans, later shrimp, whatev you desire / im going w/ friend to new dragoon brewery then i reckon i'll find ms c for bday wishes / whatev non-troub else ensues / love weekend / not working / being creative only / fun

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

wed / horses day w/ ralph!

 what i'm reading now.  post-lions i will morph into a short story writer.

this is breaking me.  beautiful stories that strike home.

bizarro imaginative lovely

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

writing week full bang / last full week in tucson for summer

yes tucson

look at this beaut / got my desk chair reupholstered at baca in s tucson / love it love it love it.  makes me so stoked to write even more.

i've been writing my ars off post-la.  so many solicitations this past month, it's hard to keep up.  that's no *real* complaint though, i'll take it.  went swimming yesterday--tucson topped at 106 yikes.  been working on getting in key west shape too...lots of heavy incline treadmill jogging, etc.  

song for tuesday

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

eat my ass off monday / horses tuesday / wednesday LA

This made me laugh:  

"Must you leave the sun's scorching hell? Only we know too well Tucson is not hell...Phoenix is!"

Jonn aka the only Asian dude you know in Tucson

amazing din w/ santino / course one:  handmade pasta & bolognese sauce / course two:  pork chops stuffed w/ fontina & broc rapini 

oban the wolf / his happy face

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sunday recoup / au revoir Agustin Brasserie / will miss my homies

a blurry me / Agustin Brasserie bar / au revoir!

Sunday sleepy

desert Tatie my bunny

desert Greets my squirrel

Thursday, June 7, 2012

i'm watching my way through TRUE BLOOD 4 & finishing out the week at Agustin (big smiles)

Clarissa arranged a reading at Epic Cafe - so proud of my girl

Eric reads at Epic, turns 21 woooohoooo

These horny toads are blessings, says Dr DD.  They look turtle-ish, old & wise.  NO.   That is not my finger.

big-up: our new poet laureate is not an old man but a young southern lady!

New Laureate Looks Deep Into Memory

The Library of Congress is to announce Thursday that the next poet laureate is Natasha Trethewey, the Pulitzer Prize-winning author of three collections and a professor of creative writing at Emory University in Atlanta. Ms. Trethewey, 46, was born in Gulfport, Miss., and is the first Southerner to hold the post since Robert Penn Warren, the original laureate, and the first African-American since Rita Dove in 1993.
John Amis for The New York Times
Natasha Trethewey


“I’m still a little in disbelief,” Ms. Trethewey said on Monday.
Unlike the recent laureates W. S. Merwin and her immediate predecessor, Philip Levine, both in their 80s when appointed, Ms. Trethewey, who will officially take up her duties in September, is still in midcareer and not well-known outside poetry circles. Her work combines free verse with more traditional forms like the sonnet and the villanelle to explore memory and the racial legacy of America. Her fourth collection, “Thrall,” is scheduled to appear in the fall. She is also the author of a 2010 nonfiction book, “Beyond Katrina: A Meditation on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.”

Sunday, June 3, 2012

oh hallo june!

one more week at agustin.  last nite was pete's last nite...sad-sad-sad.  made a lil change then went to ches. ive met some of the loveliest folks while behind the bar--everything for reason, blessed i suppose, i reckon indeed.  

i'm having a lazy sunday, so is grita & sasstrid.  if i can get the energy up ima gonna go to casa video to get true blood 4 which just came out.  love vamps & wolves sunday mmmmhmmm.

[for LKL my grlbear]

Peaches we’re moving past this place

but every time that song starts up again my body is hay hook
jerked back past Meridian where the dirt is scarlet. 

Two children, both tall & thin on the front porch leaning hard to the railing
just as somber as one more day went down—the storm I can weather—one dead

or dying tree left to the cotton field’s center:  sentimentality. 

Red heat, a dirt line slogan

grown older, both our insides hit the limit;
we were country girls, changing clothes beside the roadside getting city ready

suitcases flung out the backseat, she & I so disfigured
every girl you’ve ever been by a poolside just a-poppin it til it hurts. 

Something grown inward says relent, is given a low field, yellow chasm, the sun. 

Go on & bet the weevil on it, the horse
is pacing treads in the field, airport landing lights at dusk just behind their legs

their years’ long babies & blown apart.  

Saturday, June 2, 2012

gillian welch & dave rawlings in tucson at fox: one of the best shows i've ever seen

they played about everything i wanted to hear--i was shocked how amazing they sound live--the texture of her voice & rawlings' picking...absurdly amazing.

went w/ scott & katie.  had din at casa v first then walked over to the fox.  quick drink at scott & co then home to meet my deadline.  which i did.  wonderful friday.