Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Spring/Summer 2012 Issue of The Drunken Boat is online, live and published.

The Drunken Boat ISSN: 1530-7646
Spring/Summer 2012 Vol. 10 Issues I-II

click here people to get to the issue - i have three up from Dirt City Lions -
thanks Melissa Buckheit and Rebecca Seiferle!


we some loud southern women

hello, i'm a six-toed bunny.  i almost put this in my bag & ran.

granny, aunt ev, me / hemingway house

hem's office

44 six-toed cats / i was busy lovin all of them

you must be a bunny


back in bridgetown w/ my lashel bunnies

at better than sex / check out my dipped in choc wine

Sunday, July 22, 2012

KW / yes sister Paula Deen! / too much food / feel like need deserted island

loooooove paula deen!  and granny!

my cousin Will: amazing man!

two act play before noon = noooooooo!

go mama go!

granny & sister paula talking business

KW Day Two / Big Pine Key

No Name Pub dollar dollar bills yall!!!