Monday, May 20, 2013

sunday sunday sunday

Mary Martha in her garden from which every bird in Tucson gathers to sing

me & Annie are watching the Lifetime Network 

being michis, being grrrrlbears

Friday, May 17, 2013

making the most out of our last week/s of this desert town

grita circa 2000 when i was a mega hippie & she was a baby squirrel, not the 17 lbs sugar she is now

Thursday, May 16, 2013

bone marrow + mambo

git it, lo!

Monday, May 13, 2013

Puttanesca send-off din at MMS!

dos cabezas el norte is bam fab!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

oh my mama told me

Vouched Books interviewed the poet Abraham Smith for NaPoMo back a couple weeks ago // here my deer is talkin bout our Hick Poetics Lost Roads Project // you excited? we are...

7. You’ll be putting your editor hat on soon, compiling an anthology of hick poets. How do you define hick poets? Also, please do fill us in on that anthology’s details (the who and the when and the from whom, etc.).
cheeaating: i am cutting pasting an email about what i think about when i think about that word hick: and why i think this anthology has something to say about Class: i am doin this antho with the faaaabulous shelly taylor: i luv her poems: image of owl head spinnin around.. she totally slotmachine spin spins my noggin in the best o’ craaazy ways: and is a very dear friend: yes we are very excited about this antho: very excited: already many of our favorite dreamboat hayseeds are on board for a ride on that rusty bouquet: wheee: commencing the cutting and pasting: here:
first, let’s take the term hick.. as far as i have ever known hick comes from hickory.. from the prez Andrew Jackson.. no favorite of mine.. the ol Indian Killer i believe is what they called him.. a merciless blight upon native america he was.. his nickname i think was something like Ol Hickory because he was the first prez to come from peasant stock.. so folks who took pride in their own humble beginnings via jackson’s humble beginnings were called hicks.. i don’t think shelly nor i are too very concerned about whether or not we are reclaiming a word which has a deep and biting historical legacy of oppression.. because i am not sure that the word hick does have that legacy.. we feel that we like the phrase Hick Poetics because it’s playful.. and because it jabs a bit.. we are both jabby people.. and because it really does sound like a book i’d like to read.. more so than Reclaiming the Pastoral.. also it seems to me that hick is an inclusive word.. does not tie into ethnicity so much.. and seems then a fair open meadow kind of word within which to gather a diverse set of poets..
as for class, i don’t think we are concerned that our hicks have gone on to harvard.. to quote unquote lift themselves out of hickness.. i don’t think we are searching for ‘authentic rustics’.. i don’t think the amount of tweed they have on matters to us.. i put that class sentence in there.. because the countrysides.. tend to be reported upon.. and that vision tends to trend towards the romanticizing of the great beyond.. who is witness to the countrysides? who has the voice? the word class for me means this: the urbane have forever spouted their ethnographies on what’s up in the sticks.. this anthology’s contributors would have the chance to reclaim that literature of witness.. here’s what the sticks really felt / feel like it.. i guess all i meant by class is that: who has the power to craft the narrative of the pasture.. those of us who got stung are getting stung by the ground hornets nest.. those of us who are farriers right now.. we should.. we should have that power..

Friday, May 10, 2013

adv po does borderlands brewery // a long string of hearts & bestest luck to these my poetry darlins

danny de la huerta

kaia chesney

this my class

spr 2013 advanced poetry

the district auto

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Sunday, May 5, 2013

us girls went down to Sonoita to bet the ponies // stopped at our favorite Dos Cabezas for wine tasting then 6 rounds of heavy betting & races!

winning the big bucks

a lil wine buzz a lil money on ponies fun

$5 on the number 2 paid out $50

Friday, May 3, 2013


Hi Tucson friends, writers, & poetry supporters:

Advanced Poetry Spr 2013 would love to entertain your eardrums on May 9th at Borderlands Brewery on Toole Ave.  Class members Kaia Chesney & Daniel de la Huerta are musicians as well as talented writers, & they will be playing from 5-7pm prior to the reading.  

So, come out early if you can!  Get a bev & chill & be our guest!  Support emerging local voices!  We so look forward to seeing all your faces!


 Borderlands Brewery
May 9, 2013

Andrew Becerra, Clarissa bueno,
Kaia Chesney, Nancy Curtis,
Daniel De La Huerta, Teddy Emory aka William Tell,
Daniel Gover, Eric Jackson, Gary Lubers,
Kailia Miller, Scott Paradis,
Daniel Shultz, & David Thibault.

Thank you Nathan Hauke for giving Heifer a shout out in The Drunken Boat

Go here to read what all Nathan Hauke is reading...THE DRUNKEN BOAT

Shelly Taylor’s Black-Eyed Heifer (Tarpaulin Sky Press 2010)

I water the dirt for the weeds to grow, lo
(“She said this is mine, pine street”).

This is a great book! Have you read it? Black-Eyed Heifer is tough, plainspoken, loose (talky), and stridently exuberant, full of startling grace and presence. Deeply committed to the destabilizing intensities of Taylor’s respective environment(s), Black-Eyed Heifer calls us to  “adorn [ourselves] with movement” by acknowledging the innate wildness of becoming: “as in morning shed a blue coat I wore all day” (“This sonofabitch land had to be broken”). There is real urgency to its music(s) and a drive to embrace each shift of attention as long as it lasts: “One minute you are a person, the next you’re a bird shadow over the concrete: a wide action given width, post-tree top harmony” (“Money for the horse”).