Thursday, October 30, 2014

i have poems in NOO (ole leftover orphan orphan poems) - chosen by my dear Coconut pressmate Lauren Ireland

Editor's Notes
—Lauren Ireland

HAVE RECENTLY DISCOVERED that I am an actual adult. A secret about adulthood that no one tells you is: there is no map. There’s no built-in astrolabe or rudder or even (if you’re me) a sense of direction to steer you. I don’t even recognize the constellations anymore. So I’ve made my own.
Here are the stars I steer by—poets whose work instructs and commands, encourages and questions, fucks up and calms down. They light up the Big Nothingness with startling contrasts and deeply basic, beautiful, ugly humanity—and, like constellations, they can shift shape and meaning with changing seasons, moods, needs.
Bruce Covey’s calm and careful instructions draw the line between sinister and sweet. And then they slowly, slyly blur that line, a helpful exercise in understanding exactly how flexibly the legs of the compass can stretch and bend. Hold on tight to your flotation device.
Like an otherworldly echo of the Cumaean Sibyl, Molly Dorozenski leads you to the emotional lower worlds and back again with poems that prophesize the disorienting depths of divinity and boredom, certainty and doubt. Meanwhile, you turn 1000 and don’t even notice.
Justin Marks is a blinking polestar—dark behind the passing cloud of chilly beauty, then bright again with burning fear—the North Star in an otherwise blank sky you must fill in yourself, eyes closed, no hands on the wheel. Because you will and because you can.
Beauty is terror, said Aristotle of Stagira. OK, said Shelly Taylor, here are some terrifying poems. But you have to keep your eyes open to read them—no dead reckoning for you, because this is uncharted territory. You should let Shelly read them to you. Just follow her voice.

LAUREN IRELAND grew up in southern Maryland and coastal Virginia. She is the author of Deal Lil Wayne(Magic Helicopter Press 2014) and The Arrow (Coconut Books 2014). She is a graduate of the MFA Program for Poets and Writers at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst and an editor at Lungfull! Magazine. With Molly Dorozenski, she co-edits Ghostwriters of Delphi. She lives in Seattle with her husband and her husband's cat.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

“The Old Horizon” by Magnolia Electric Co.

There are tracks I can’t anymore now that you’re gone. There is no prose to be done about it. Play any song from Fading Trails, the only album I have here on my family’s farm in southern Georgia; play “The Old Horizon.” You had fingertip pressed down upon the something inside. Everyone who knew you knew the demon-art-life-stuff too great you succumbed to much too young. Every bottle in my speedrack I wiped down nightly I named. Only you could understand this in this way. How everything you do, even the dark shit, forms a love song. It carries reverb: big black eyes to hide my secrets in. Every car in the parking lot you hurl your body into, freeze-framed forever in the keylight spotshine of your hometown. Son of Lorain, Ohio, places even the word and a chord couldn’t heal. I am reminded of how altogether fragile it is when listening. On some solitary road trips, to be peopled with you would be wrong, I do and realize the threshold of verse I am back up against all day, a friend you will forever care too much for. You have need to get it down. They move to cities or give up. The space left is akin to the western skyline, blood sunsets nightly in a dirt town we praise as saints, erect altars to.
-Shelly Taylor

Sunday, October 19, 2014

i got a long way to go

so, my house was broken into on friday afternoon.  this is such a violation i can't even wrap my head around.

my computer was, of course, stolen.  i had not saved SO much work.  i lost it all.  pretty much 40 pgs of the new book + other projects--poems, short stories.  i've got an amazingly supportive and loving team around me, but despite this necessary fact, i am so upset.  it's been a tough year:  here is for hoping this is the bottom and that i can find it in me to write this book from scratch again.

those greenbay packers must've known i needed a big win. all the way to my desert for the superbowl: wishin & hopin it so.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

abe & i are beside ourselves

Trickhouse Live: An Integrative Arts and Performance Seriesw/William Sedlmayr, Abraham Smith, & Shelly Taylor
Trickhouse Live is curated by TC Tolbert, Assistant Director of Casa Libre.
Saturday, November 1
7-9 p.m.
$5 Suggested Donation

in·te·gra·tive adj \ˈ in-tə- ˌ grā-tiv\
combining and coordinating diverse elements into a whole
Trickhouse Live is an integrative arts series that brings together people working with words, images, sounds, videos, and a variety of performances. The series serves as a venue for visiting artists to interact with local artists and for the borders between genres and mediums to be permeable. Trickhouse Live is a physical world extension of the online cross-genre arts journal, which is based in Tucson.

Performer Bios
My name is William Sedlmayr. I grew up here in Tucson. Lived in MN and N.Y.C. and IOWA [for a few months]. I'm 53 and am a Songwriter and a Writer. Nothing anyone would know off the bat but I do it. I've got a record coming out called "Charmed Life" on a tiny label, and I have been published only in Prison Journals out of Richard Shelton's prison workshop. And am hopfully being published in a European Book called Mystic Silver. It is to be out in 2 months. I am not over there and it makes it hard to gauge the Time framework. I am in a writers workshop and we meet at the U of A poetry center. I am certainly the least known and for good reason.

Abraham Smith hails from Ladysmith, Wisconsin. He has authored four full-length poetry collections: In The Old Days (Action Books, forthcoming); Only Jesus Could Icefish in Summer (Action Books, 2014); Hank (Action Books, 2010); and Whim Man Mammon (Action Books, 2007). Hick Poetics, co-edited with Shelly Taylor, an anthology of contemporary American rural poetry, is forthcoming from Lost Roads Press. His poems have appeared widely in journals and anthologies such as The American Poetry Review, jubilat, Fence, Denver Quarterly, The Volta Book of Poets (Sidebrow Books, 2014), and Taos Poetry Circus: The '90's (Pennwhistle Press, 1999). His creative work has been recognized with fellowships from the Fine Arts Work Center, Provincetown, MA, and the Alabama State Council on the Arts. Currently, he is writing his 'hick poetics', a book-length poem which draws on his ongoing summertime experiences as a farmhand at his family's sheep dairy farm. He is Instructor of English at University of Alabama.

Shelly Taylor is the author of two full-length collections: Lions, Remonstrance (Coconut Books Braddock Book Prize: 2014) andBlack-Eyed Heifer (Tarpaulin Sky: 2010), as well as three verse chapbooks: Peaches the yes-girl (Portable Press at YoYo Labs: 2008); Land Wide to Get a Hold Lost In (Dancing Girl: 2009); andDirt City Lions (Horse Less: 2012). Hick Poetics, an anthology of contemporary American rural poetry co-edited with poet Abraham Smith, will be released from Lost Roads Press in early 2015. Born in deep south Georgia, Taylor is an instructor at the University of Arizona. She calls Tucson and horseback home.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

saturday recovery / biggest stack of essays to work through / crazy stupid love on the telly like it is every saturday/sunday / when ms c & i got back to the old pueblo last nite we had never been so happy with the old pueblo / that is to say phoenix, phoenix is a trip (to put it nicely)

reading in phx

ms clarissa bueno reading in phx  /  she was amazing  /  but....the reading series had 24 people reading in the "open" before featured readers, most didn't even stay for the features  /  i had to sit through 24 folks reading for 7 mins   /  there was no wine at the gallery

Thursday, October 9, 2014



featuring Shelly Taylor & Tracy Thomas

Friday October 10th

Open mic starts at 7pm sign-up starts 6:45 

Shelly Taylor is the author of two full-length collections: Lions, Remonstrance (Coconut Books Braddock Book Prize: 2014) & Black-Eyed Heifer (Tarpaulin Sky: 2010), as well as three chapbooks: Peaches the yes-girl (Portable Press at YoYo Labs: 2008), Land Wide to Get a Hold Lost In (Dancing Girl: 2009), Dirt City Lions (Horse Less: 2012). Hick Poetics, an anthology of contemporary American rural poetry co-edited with Abraham Smith, will be released from Lost Roads Press in early 2015. Born in deep south Georgia, Taylor is an instructor at the University of Arizona. She calls Tucson & horseback home.

Tracy Thomas grew up rambling about the West with his family, Colorado, Wyoming, California and finally Arizona, pretty much a veritable Fredrick Remington painting; that’s not true, but it was fun. He started writing poetry and fiction over twenty years ago after studying existential philosophy (pretentious but true). He's published almost fifty poems in various literary journals through the years and his first book of poetry, Runes was published in 2010 by BlazeVox.

Hosted by Bill Campana, Jack Evans, and Shawnte Orion

9 The Gallery
1229 Grand Ave.
Phoenix AZ, 85007