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the good life

love this curtis jinkins for DENY bedding

Monday, May 18, 2015

go get Laura Kochman's debut, The Bone and The Body, out now from BatCat Press

link to Laura's back o book

May is zooming right along. Not only did BatCat finalize the cover and page proofs, but I was gifted these gorgeous, generous words from two women I respect and admire. It means so much to me.

What presides over Kochman's haunting and gorgeous debut is a great IF, cracked with regret and longing. This IF crunches under every line, like leaves or bones. This IF is a home, unnerved and unbeheld. This IF, rafted from nowhere, like the ghosts of gods, like hope, looms mightily over Kochman’s collection. If I ever met this IF on the side of the road I imagine it ancient and chirping like a newborn. I imagine I would kneel down beside it, for Kochman has officially turned the conditional clause holy.

Sabrina Orah Mark

In Laura Kochman’s stunning debut, The Bone and the Body, readers enter a watery space, a seaside house:  a mouth becomes a doorway and the door is open here where you morph into your house and bones, its—and it is wandering. Even your horse runs and you are left parceling out exactly what you founder on, as it is something, yes, something, so felt. Through piercing voicing, you question the tenancy of your house, body, and bones with ferocity and delight. Finally, you and your house are boned to earth with feet that move lyrically and shelter us back into our own frames, our own known hands—some magic here, of this I am certain.

Shelly Taylor


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prettiest desert in the month of may

around around around

peonies for you

in front of possum's house 

glad to have a baller tractor to get the arena dirt just right

kaia clarissa and kristen

dubtree and so it begins

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new video from brydes

Thanks everybody! #8 on SPD Po Bestsellers for Apr!

SPD Poetry Bestsellers

April 2015

8. Hick Poetics by Abraham Smith and Shelly Taylor, Editors (Lost Roads Publishers)