Jesus take the Wheel; Ninja Warrior

Carrie Underwood was wrong. Nowst being a southern girl myself, there are few things I like more than other southern girls, but in a situation of duress no one, Carrie, NO ONE should throw both hands up in the air whilst driving a car, with a baby in the back seat; no matter how shitty one's life has become; no matter the car skidding black ice (sky high!); nothing; Jesus will not take the wheel for real; you sing this, people will try this; someone oughta check the mortality or near-death rate in relation to 'Jesus take the Wheel'; 30 last year; I truly love you, Carrie, but your msg is not a good one. Never be driving down the road & throw both hands up in the air. This is faulty, & I might really really love Jesus, but Jesus is in the sky. He will not & cannot be expected to take our wheels.

NH loves Ninja Warrior. It's Thursday. Ninja Warrior afternoon. Blueberries in the yoghurt. (:))