on resistance on standing on making 'job' manageable on watching nacho libre while reading du plessix grays 'adam & eve and the city'

restless female protagonist search for secular salvation leave preposterous homes and loving families neither in literature nor in real life greet women with exalted phrases live by bread alone cabin fever transcendence hocus-pocus white whale of selfhood imperil the planet by roving it disservice by pedestal flattered into powerlessness too precious to take the train alone left home for God or for each other to the prodigies of the outre rummy androgynes deviant nomads metaphysical tramps who have not feared the marks of precipitous decline; to the women who have ceased to practice their millennial ploys of pleasing and seducing [...], who have said no and become voyagers. But also dedicated to women who have said I'll try and stay: dedicated to the George Sands of banking and commerce, the Jany Eyres of bartending, the Emma Goldman's of aviation, the doctors and lawyers who must go home to breast-feed their infants [...], to the fortieth and 327th woman train conductors, whom we and our progeny will owe our liberation and our loving gratitude.