sundays which ive always loved best

mama sent me this pic of sissy in the field. she's 28 now & she looks good here.
cats lie on couch back by the window it's sunday, & there's reason i dont get up til 4ish. post-two days of work behind bar round 20 hrs keeps me in & then i dont want to see anyone today lest its a food delivery or talk to my mama. sometimes it feels like head butting the wall all weekend but maybe thats how i liken work, i dont know, i have to pay rent & interact right. sometimes im much too sensitive, i had a dream last night i was teaching history to a classfull of athletes, maybe ballplayers, & was {{wholly}} disregarded during my lecture & then a big old lady came in & took the class away cause she said i was unqualified. I wanted to teach a piece of writing called 'The Silver Fox' in relation to a specific time in history & she wanted to operatically sing something I remember she called 'Judea' & for some reason the ballplayers paid attention to her, taking notes & the like. i think i get it what it means in relation to this time in my life, & this is not really bad.