things i know bout tuesday:

overcast day in tucson is fab. pale legs, still.
it's 5 & i havent had breakfast.
my camera broke so i cant post pics of new house coming together. will figure it out, will.
revolutionary road is fantastical but speaks true to state of domesticity injuring human spirit.
nh & i agree to always be individuals in love & in love with world as individuals in love.
my sister is for sure having a girl in november. lyla grace.
i will whip my writin room into shape this afternoon.
dani & i will go to rocco's & eat wings, then go see helio sequence at congress.
nh will be bartending in the taproom & i will smile at him a whole lot.

i always liked that skynard song bout tues & the wind for the guitar; it seemed sexy or something when i was a kid & still do.