Shalom, y'all

I work the next two days, the usual looooooong Friday & Saturday shifts, with the good news being that N & I fly to the homeland Sunday morning 6am (we get home from work 3/330 yikes--hurry, hurry!)--just enough time to hug & kiss all the animals & throw the bags in the car & get on outta here!

Georgia! It's going to be so good to see everyone & to introduce my sugar to the family. Hopefully I'll get to see some old friends. Mandy is going to have the cutest baby bump. We're going to the beach for two days! And...we're are going to do some eatin'!!!


Last weekend at the bar when someone asked where I was from I said southern Ga & that got us on the topic of Savannah (everybody knows Savannah) & then of course Missus Paula Deen, whom I, like most all southerners, LOVE. Well, this jerkface started to make fun of her & 'The Lady & Sons' cause it is a buffet, like a buffet is tacky or something, come on! I told him Paula Deen is a hero to us & that I didnt want to hear any bad talk of her; it was like this Yankee mother-f-er was insulting my Granny herself. And nobody insults my Granny! Speaking of, my Granny can cook! Below is an awesome pic of Paula Deen wearing one of her signature aprons, an apron that I bought for my very own Granny at Christmas when I visited Savannah & ate off that lovely buffet of hers.

What's more Americana than Sister Deen? Hoecakes, fried chicken, mac-n-cheese, collards, what!


Here's my sister & I with sister Paula:

(As you can see we're freakin delighted.)


If you have time & are wantin', you can check out her memoir Paula Deen, It Ain't All About the Cookin. Good stuff!