Noah Saterstrom just released another Trickhouse. What!

I think Trickhouse is by far one of the most interesting on-line journals/art experiments out there.

Check out Heide Hatry's head sculpture concept pieces & then read Joanna Howard's writing...super-cool is an understatement.

Amy King & Ana Bozicevic extended an invitation to read in their Stain Series in Billyburg next year which I of course accepted. Thanks, ya'll, I'm excited.

Got a rejection today. First time I send out in over a year & I get rejected. Not fun.

It's laundry day.

Eli just left & N & I are pretty sad. He's on one couch looking sad. I'm on the other looking sad. To say we've had fun the past week would be too easy; we had a freakin blast. Yr missed Eli, for sure, come back soon!