Wed, day 4 of getting up much earlier

i am in a quietish mood. i should do some laundry.

cobra starship is playing congress tonight, i will be bartending coca-cola for a 90% underage crowd o' electic-phlourescent wearing teens with flip-up caps. hopefully. flip-up caps.

vacation was so nice. we ate lots & lots of fried food but no polecat indeed. big thanks to pops for looking after murderface, milo, sasstrida, miss grita.

finally, i gave up my friday shift at the bar which will leave me with less cash-money but happier & healthy & for sure like all that jazzzzz. [nobody should be behind bar twenty hours in two days.] thinking of getting some new shifts somewhere else or possibly working in a flower store. i start teaching developing writing at Pima Community College West in less than a month; it'll be great, just not lucrative, & this matters in the bill paying, online shopping world that is.

i wanna start volunteering with stephanie balzer's Voices non-profit program. need to shoot her an email soon. also, meet w/ m.s. to talk poetry & life. if you read this m, send a text of when is good for you.

tucson is probably gonna gear up for one more round of monsoon & then give it up for a fall. when in ga & fl we got lots of storms, storms over the ocean, up & down lightning, come on tucson!