behind the bar got you down?

well...yes, thanks for asking.

i took THE 200 drink cocktail test (which i've been supposed to be studying for like four months/yikes!/blame stephanie meyer, here lately...& teaching & trying to be a writer). This THING took me three hours, & it kicked my ars.

for thirty min in between taking this freakin hellpit of a test, i had my 'employee evaluation.' wow. see, i've never once been late to work & i dress super-professional, i'm great with customers--but, i get a 3 outta 5 in that category because i might not be all that dependable. huh? it's all aggravating. it's all a boy's club. 'yer one of the fastest 'girl' bartenders, but that's not quite good enough.' what! what's a 'girl' gotta do? i know i wanna teach & mostly be a writer, im not sure about giving EVERYTHING to this bar job, & it feels in ways like i have. it's just booze. it's money-centric: i would never put my whole life into it.

venting helps.

in other news, i got selah saterstrom's 2 books in the mail today, & when i find some time, i'm getting on them!