Cut it out

Hey! I went to Cincinnati Thurs/Fri & had a lot of fun.

Kristi & Michael were awesome hosts with a cute apt in prob what is the cutest neighborhood (Gaslight District: real old school gaslight streetlamps!) in the whole town, with the two most precious grl cats who are sisters. Kristi has a new book out from Saturnalia called Hush Sessions which is crazy good thus far--

So, I read with the Laura Sims who is an amazing writer. Her new project on murder/murderers is gonna be cool. Her poems are short & elliptical & so ominously atmospheric, it's like your head is going to break open from all of the unsaid. After the reading we had some Peroni & tequila & a blast. Hope to see you soon, Laura! The reading is up on PennSound if you wanna check it out.


So, CD Wright has a new chapbook out, 40 Watts, from Octopus, & I just bought it. Hurray hurray!