shue fly, dont bother me

birthday boys. see that evil look in his eyes? he's tickling me, of course i cant stand it!

i made this for my sugar's bday. it's my 1st cake.
Firstly, most all my thoughts have been with daddy & mama. Get well & get rest, daddy. I miss ya'll so much.

Neil had a birthday on Friday! Happy birthday, sugar!

We celebrated on Thursday night cause we had to work HOCO Fest on Friday, on Saturday, on Sunday.

Three days in a row behind bar 8, 10, & 10 hrs almost kills me. I got so much more patience than I used to have, but still, it's too much! Too much!

Pops had a birthday yesterday! Happy birthday, Pops! Neil & I went down to Tubac to Sherry's to celebrate.