twinkle reads ladybugs, yellow birds, butterflies

today is sunday, & i still have a cold. must be 100% by the time thanksgiving rolls around so that i can hold lyla g without worrrying about getting her sick. i like sundays. i just cooked dinner--ricotta stuffed borsetti, my own pasta sauce (tom, sundried tom, big kalamatas, onion, garlic, caper, red wine, red wine vinegar, lemon, lime, s & p), lil salads, & french bread in the oven.

i've been reading my fashion blogs today. i love the sartorialist so much. makes me want to tote around my camera everywhere. makes me miss polaroids. please, target, please start carrying regular polaroid film again!

yesterday was the first saturday i did not work, & it was a lil odd. i went to a hootenanny given by other southern poets here in tucson, & it was sorta fun. a lovely alabamian made a banana pudding that made me miss home. i did slip out by 130 to make it up to congress for last call to see my sugar, which was/is/& always will be so very nice.

vikings won today. big up! murderface peed the living room rug. ugh!

i'm going to take a big bubble bath. also, write & try to get some poems together for morgan. i am taking a fiction workshop with meg files in the spring. i figure it's about time i really & seriously try my hand at the genre. but, i will not write dialogue. period.

kristen nelson is doing the design & layout of my book! yay! i met with she & noah on thursday for wine & book-talk, was exciting: my book is going to be a smaller one in size, hurray! i like little books of poetry. they make me happy. i did find out the release date probably won't be until june, which seems so far away. at least i am better with my patience these days. i used to be so horrible!