Yep, I'm grading the last handfull of papers, & I'm done. Great news! It's been a long rough semester, I'm ready for a big ole Christmas break (& then some...)

Today, Grita went to the vet. She has colonitis which is really not a huge deal. Take a lil medicine & she'll be just fine. I'm glad that I have such good girls--both seem to enjoy going to the vet. They're champs!

Friday is our first annual Christmas party. I'll post pics...

In the meantime, here's our tree in the daylight. Gorgeous. I'll have to post a nitetime one too, since I hunted for damn ever for the tree topper which you can't even see in the pic below.

Hope everyone is well--I am hanging in there! Lyla is growing up beautifully. Can you believe those blue eyes?