i just googled heifer & found out 'prick of the spindle' editor eric weinstein reviewed my book!

more random holiday georgia pics

tues / got back to tus late last nite / happy lalas / running around / ms dani and chris had a baby boy / dinner w mm / viks win

pics from my laura little & drew krews nite out in southern ga

fri / christmas eve recovery / thanks

thurs / im down in GA

sun / clean & organize / tucson history 101 red light district / betty / a jog through territorial landmarks / tomato soup / arugula shrimp salad

sat / i need to start christmas shopping / cat on a pole

thurs tucson / still i have heartburn / hold on to your hold on to your dreams

wed / tallyho!

tues / just released my 710 / it's 745 / im passing time

sat / my first ever posada / thanks to giovanna for inviting

sat / posada at giovanna and samantha's

sat / posada

friday / grading grading / there's a balsamic reduction fire in the kitchen

flowers i have received before they're not so pretty as right now

wed / taught my last lecture--on james joyce's araby

mon // spilled coffee all over my dress day

i drag my homeless looking self out of bed for myself & for the world & for good 'humour' as the brits would say. today i shall not. tuck in & write.

dec // a tad bit under the weather // but not enough to do too much already // make yourself sit down // grade // deadwood

dec // hallo december // workout december // grading dec // home for the holidays // lurve dec // writing

last day of NOV / im taking flannery o'connor as my personal icon

monday / microdermabrasion-crazy students-coldest nite in 10 or so years-once more to the lake!-&poetry poetry poetry

sat / lounge-taco shop needs-yuma sitting-bivouac sat-show the guns-veggie burrito needs-love-lalalalalala-baby it's cold outside

tues / lucero stew love lilies laundry catsitting love nap car tires fixed neighbors cupcakes / tues

sunday / singing wind fiesta / out in benson in the middle of nowhere / grls day

one covet

friday / laze cook grade love

tues / two good classes / staying afloat / and happy

sun / c'mon vikings jeeeez / jog & cooking day

sat / ms dani's shower / chilly out / coal miner's daughter on the telly : your mama's a doggone songwriter

satchel just appeared for glam. couldnt find her earlier.

tues is beaut but quite cold yeah

mon / bumming around / missus g is bumming around / sweatpants nite yes!