Favorite Looks of Sunday

At this years Golden Globes, fashion was its typical highs and lows. I certainly did not expect Sandra Bullock to make such expert choices (prob because she didn't!). She should PAY her stylist tenfold, cause she looked fabulous & could never pull that off herself. She's humble too, which is prob the best accessory a girl can wear. Other favs: Marion Cotillard, Jennifer Morrison. Mimi Carey was the most ridiculous--some things never change. Chace Crawford ew. Chloe Sevingy was just awful, not in dress, but in personality, sauntering down that red carpet like a straight diva & she aint. Who is or was a diva? Nan Kempner.

Other than my sugar, no one looked better on Sunday than Brett. Of course. We went down to Tubac to have brisket with Pops & Sherry & Amy & Jules. Was fun! The Big Love Season Premiere was very well-written. Avatar cleaned up at the Globes!