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NY is the saddest state --

With apologies to Jay-Z, the current Empire State of Mind might not be something to brag about—at least according to the recent study ranking New York as the least-happy state in the nation. In the nation! Which seems, to us, rather unbelievable. Yes, nearly half of the state’s residents live in a city that’s inordinately stressful (expensive, noisy, crowded, pushy). Yes, it’s hard to find a peaceful place to sip coffee, much less live. But on the flip side—everything else!

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Giselle Gives $1.5 Million to Haiti Relief

Not that we are being judgmental or anything, but that is half a million more than what has — as far as we know, waiting on those employee contribs numbers! — been donated by America's wealthiest financial institution, Goldman Sachs. [Us]

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