hallo february

so it's feb. tucson is rainy. consistent rain, all through the end of january til on into today, feb.

yesterday, for my fiction class, i had to turn in my first packet of work--16 pages, which i managed to do in 2 weeks. pretty impressive. it sort of feels weird though. it's certainly unnatural, but i do like trying to sustain a narrative, being it's something i've never done before, esp in poems. :) i'll let you know how my first workshop goes.

i work tonight at the bar--it's bowerbirds, which are supposed to be kinda neat. come if you have time--8pm.

watched some good movies lately: up!, the opposite of sex, wristcutters: a love story. those are the good ones.

the not-so-good ones: legion. though in a weird kitchy way i'm glad i saw it.

goodbye as the french say au revoir