Last night N & I went up to the ole workplace to see Doomtree artists Dessa & P.O.S, & some other kid named Grieves. None of whom I'd really heard before the show. I like rap/hip hop when it's done well, meaning when the language (too often times forced rhyme... wanna get it right?...see Outkast circa Aquemini) is done well. It's hard to do with a beat behind you I can only imagine...last night it (the words) was done well.

Dessa is the only female & one/fifth member of Doomtree, situated in Minneapolis. She studied writing, has a background in spoken word poetry, & got her degree in philosophy. After years of rejection slips from poetry journals & presses, Doomtree collective put out her first book (& their first book--usually a record label puts out solely records I'm sure) called Spiral Bound, which I want to read. This is a different kind of "poetry" than I'd normally read, but what it lacks "academically" (la la la) it makes up for in soul & puts that in the forefront, honestly & vulnerably. I appreciate this. I wish all "poets" at their "poetry readings" would put a little more of this (soul) out there. After all, what are we writing for / what are we writing?