This is the time of year when Tucson turns mad for spring

It's warm out. I have every door in the house open. Spring cleaning, out with the cold, start bringing the hanging plants out to their nail posts round the house's sides, & get the bird stuff ready: goldfinch sock, hummingbird feeder, set the grill up!

LA was a beautiful getaway: beautiful baby Lyla, spritely walk in runyan canyon where I about peed my leg I had to go sooo bad (jeez, I'm still sore today from those hills--), & nice time with family. Mandy you are doing such a good job with Miss LG! She's so sweet & wonderful! The pic is of us from Valentine's Day, where LG wears her heart dress in honor of loooooove.

I feel creative. My 1st fiction wksp was really great & I'm enjoying writing it, think I'll keep with it awhile. Thanks to such support, fam, sugar, & also MMM who offers me writing/office space/garden/wine/tea/gumbo/anything/even anger for not organizing my life more around the writing. I'm trying. In honor of my good pal Andrew M. who tells me today via text msg: "I'm working on a novel & it's lonely"--yep, but it's good lonely work, couldn't imagine anything different.

Just finished an interview with Kristen N (my lovely book designer) for the late March issue of Trickhouse. I'm so excited to see it!

Just looked at final galleys for BEH & am excited to be finally done with it--off to the printers! I'm so glad: it's been a wonderful experience but over a year of hard work just editing & finishing up everything. Sigh, happily.

In other news, it snowed over the weekend in south Georgia! First time since I was a kid--when Mandy & I slid down the hill by our house in cardboard boxes. Yeeeeeee!