gone for so long now gotta get back to her somehow

lyla g ate her first food today--she looks the way she's supposed to look, i imagine, delighted. i wish her culinary curiosity & a lifetime of good food. once she gets past all the mushed carrots, etc.

i been thinking about getting myself a dog. lately's been tough. when i get home, when i wake up, there are the lalas but there is no milo, no murderface. i told murderface to stay a bulldog. i told milo he's a bee. lil m' keeps trying to drag me to the pound to look at dogs & i want to go, but maybe i'll wait awhile. it would be awful hard to have a horse & a dog & two cats. i'm banking on the horse. it'll happen.

today's saturday. laundry, emails, cleaning, watering my sunflowers which are popping up despite murderface's digging the hell out of my flower beds & that big old innocent muddy face of his. forgivable, yes.