i been a lil under weather therefore i stay in / write poem

cold sore belly full i marrys me some wonton some soup tip five dollars the driver & scold the paper out the shell hull of the cookie thing nasty on the tongue but im wishful tucson whip hurl end of april april does her beats on the backyard mequite i think she tries to keep me in under the worse has come to worst but im not under the worse i quit my job down at the bar last day wednesday april ive been so tired you keep me rippled where i don’t remember what fashion is what some site says military jackets in i say april noooooo its spring 2010 atleast not florals I guess i tie grannys tablecloth around my waist for an apron theyre in just as is cooking women as is burning the hushpuppies for the havarti grits cause the grease is relentless but we make the wheel rest round spandex bras who cares i have always