it's sunday; it's easter

i have to work tonight in the taproom--tap 1 goes to a girl? what? okay, yes, i'll be there, by my lonesome, so come on down & have drinks with (or i suppose by) me. i'm in need of cash so i'm hoping i make a pile--enough to put toward bills, enough to buy me something to wear at awp. two readings = two good outfits. i got one down, though mary martha thinks i should drop the shoes as they look too "domino" for a poet. by "domino" she means dominatrix & said she would have to lend me one of the indian whips down off her house wall. ha! that would be funny. i would scare people. they're really just my new velvet angel shoes but i guess they do look a little daunting. laura informed me yesterday she bought a high-waisted leather skirt which sounds hot, so i must also buy something hot/smart/both, something.

yesterday about broke my ass. today will be better.

my folks just got this beach place & i've been seriously thinking about moving there for awhile just to get a tucson break. just put my stuff into storage & go live by the shore a couple months, get healthy, etc. so, yes, mama, i'm just now taking the offer seriously & it sounds pretty good to me right now. get up, jog on the beach, layout, cook a lot of fish, write belen, & maybe shake drinks at the ritz, who knows.

happy easter everyone. love--