how fun! cinco de mayo!

(first one i took w/ cell phone, cuts my face off mysteriously. second is our dearest tucson salvador)

yesterday was fun-fun. went to class, found out cheryl (kidder) got nominated for a pushcart for a short story published in sandscript, so of course, we went to have a celebration. mm, cheryl, & i went down to the ole congress & had a few & some great talk, a little bout writin but mostly bout men, which is nice for me because im still the "youngin" who gets to listen to various stories which i love--stories & listening & talkin bout men, all all all of the above. mm says i have a very old soul though, which i definitely believe cause she knows all about this stuff, says sometimes it's not easy being a witch, which i can understand. i wish i were a witch.

anyways, mm fed me dinner at 11 & then i was off once more for fun. i havent been to ches for prob bout two months, figured it was not my territory, but last nite was salvador duran's 60th birthday & lord knows i just had to go. met up with terry, saw joe novelli, had larry dancing (okay well swaying a lil) all nite, saw miss tina who i have missed a lot, finally exchanged numbers, flirted too much with someone (the casa vincente finger-pickin extraordinaire) who could not have been 21, danced & danced!

i pay for my funs, but they are so worth it. happy cinco cinco cinco de mayo! tequila tasting party which im prob going to have to skip lest my head feel better after laying out by the pool all afternoon, which is just what im about to do.