i just wrote this for you mama.

i am a quiet girl quiet like texas mother
mother’s day for you for me
you have been good not like some mother
mothers turn in on oneself clean her house
for her for his grief and mine
but my mother has been good to me
my eyes hard like western states texas
arizona i might not get past you the horses
forget they are and humble fields in georgia
where i forget i was a weed roundworm
barefooted thing the weeds parted for mother
how you made easy how you watered every flower
and fern made the ground a loose opening from which
we put our cut hair into and make wishes for love
may daughters be adored by their men and babies my hands
muddy from watering every piece of dirt in western states
margarita mother id make for you every thing in the ground
growing i give to you my hands dirty the sunshine yours.