if it dont make you look like a drag queen put it back on the rack

between laura & i there are tons of pics to post, but here a just a few for now.

yep, im at the beach just today. i'll post pics of my beach home tomorrow.

if you're in tucson reading this, i probably miss you. if you are in tifton, come visit. if you are in athens, come visit. if you are in savannah, come soon.
the family is here helping me get setup & enjoying memorial weekend, though come monday i'll be manning the place my lonesome hence wriiiiiiting.

[life can be so joyful. so so so. good, balance everything out. i walk towerds you.]

if you're jake levine, get hype in portland no more depressives i miss you.

if you're laura, death on goodreads.com, i'll take you to the cirkle k.

if you're abraham smith, may tennessee take you in like a fullgrown sun.

if you're drew krewer, bedazzled gym sweaters all june.

if you're mmm, quiet writing time & joyful june garden of flowering cacti.

if you're peacock, im at the beach come visit.

shit, im tired now... more tomorrow!