School's out for summer, Cammy Li sends a poem; jia you Cammy Li

When I lived in NYC I was a mentor with Girls Write Now, a program you all should know about by now which partners professional women writers with high school girls interested in writing. My mentor-ee Missus Cammy Li is still my sister years later, & she has just finished her sophomore year at New School. I couldnt be more prouder of her!

She took Intro to Poetry this past semester--here's a poem she just sent over my way.


Sometimes I spend days eating soggy leftover bento lunches and running from raining books splashing on my head, my sleeves life leaves sliding on the floor, I’d come home wilted like old scallion kept in the fridge too long, too rotten, too bruised brown and blue to feel any more knives coming my way.

Maybe if you tie me ‘round my hips a rope to taste the dancing wind across my lips, I can travel ‘cross and wide to another place—oh, how I long for chirping daffodils and winking cats to take me off this ever spinning top of a world, so I can just nap, with smile tweaked dimples and petals on vacation sunbathing on my cheeks as they lay me down on unrolling carpets of grass.