{me & my most fav laura little}

today is tuesday! my last day of fiction wksp. now that it's almost over, i feel it's safe to say i may never take a fiction wksp again. my heart wasnt in it. the class was full of characters--lovely characters--each should be in a novel, maybe i'll do it! i only got about 50 pages of a novel i may or may not be invested in since all i have been writing is poetry here lately. i'm going to give it a couple more weeks this summer to see if it catches ahold of me again & if it does i'll continue on...when i get back i'll be in a writing circle with mm & cheryl. just us. hard working women writing away. gettin it done.

tomorrow is wednesday! i have my interview at pima nw & im hoping i get signed on to teach poetry. if not, hell, i'll take a couple comps. anything to keep me from behind said bar for lil while.

thursday i pick up big moving truck. i will move about all my things into a my storage unit. yep yep i am moving away from dear tucson for the summer months. going to live in beach house. going to ride horses. cute scooter. going to cook with fresh ingredients. going to get writing like a crazy fool. going to get my feet wet & heal my belly. i will let go of all this nonsense grief & anxiety ive carried around far too long. i will come back august. i will come back healed. tan. i will come back joyous. coming back i'll be bringing miss laura little to live in this desert. this desert is so good.

friday at the buttcrack of day laura little arrives for first taste of tucson lifestyle & living. driving around. facials. casa vincente. salvador duran show. dancing, fun.

friday-wednesday is nothing but fun. us girls (plus two la las) leave out on wed early afternoon. we leave out on a jet plane. we'll be singing on that jet plane, the las will be meowing like hell but anesthecized still.