SUN / June 27 / DAY TRES

SAT / June 26 / DAY DUO

more pics SAT

Friday / June 25 / Day Une

more t-rays or rex as im gonna keep on calling it

diners drive-ins & dives

or, my scrofulous French novel / on gray paper with blunt type!

Today is TUES / I feel like a proud mama

SUN / Father's Day



grappling snakes about his boy feet / father i have always been a girl / pistachio breasts / work it out later


today is monday / MONDAY

Persian for "Neda" means Voice / we are Neda

Tarpaulin Sky Summer Sale for your broke asses

tuesday theme song / 80s child / sheila e / the glamorous life


today is monday / big dangerous animal holding spotlight with our very own LaRue

happiness is sister dolly / best little whorehouse in texas

cutest face ive ever seen

afternoons when i look onto the sea

give em hell willie f

i like to put real folks into poems. here's LaRue.