afternoons when i look onto the sea

it's science friday! which i used to love to listen to while working at the white stallion ranch, cleaning leather saddles in the sun after lunch, when i first moved to tucson. the german grls would plead for music & i, being oldest, would make them suffer through, although they started to like it too, i think. i always learn so much.


make a crime novella, mata hari legs.


if he should fall i upend him a lion. he was always, & that's what he would want me to do.


from the book mm gifted me about 5 months ago, which i now read daily, as an important part in rising, just as coffee, just as feeding the cats: (has become most important to me...)

in order to keep family and friends from interfering with their drinking, alcoholics (that taboo word/ my insert) sometimes create diversions by accusing or provoking. at such time, we who have been affected by someone else's drinking tend to react, to argue, and to defend ourselves. as a result, nobody has to look at the alcoholism, for we are too busy focusing on the particular point being argued--any topic will do. and unfortunately, what we defend against we make real.

when we take step one, we admit that we are powerless over this disease. we do not have the strength necessary to fight it. defending ourselves by engaging in arguments with actively drinking or otherwise irrational people is as fruitless as donning armor to protect ourselves from nuclear explosion. only a power greater than ourselves can restore us to sanity.