Today is TUES / I feel like a proud mama

I taught Chelsea Hodson poetry back in 2006 at the University of Arizona. I was a first time teacher & she was a first time poetry student. She says one thing she remembers me telling her is "you have to get weirder." It's true!

Chelsea is my first student to make a book--I am just so proud of her. I've not words, really! You can now go pre-order her first book Beach Camp from Swill Children Press. Go order this book & support Chelsea, one of the brightest girls I've ever met & one of the most talented young writers in America, in my opinion, & once you read her writing, I swear you will agree.

Swill Children presents


by Chelsea Hodson

Beach Camp Trailer from Chelsea Hodson on Vimeo.


The first thing on the island is a wooden sign in the shape of a rainbow: Welcome to Camp Fox. We were herded onto the boat, but now lines are important. We are single filed, tanned. Everything is new. I can't hear what anyone is saying, but we each make our own sounds. We are buzzing.

BEACH CAMP, a story collection by Chelsea Hodson, explores a space detached from the mainland—an island where girls sleep in cabins without walls, throw chicken nuggets across the cafeteria, threaten towel-wearing boys, and go looking for the buffalo. Hodson separates her journey into tidy sections shorter than the time it takes a counselor to say I will arrange a boat to take you off this island tonight so help me God.

Pre-order BEACH CAMP from Swill Children.