Friday / June 25 / Day Une

i arrived at jfk round 830, met up with jake, & headed over to bushwick to carrie's. i got sick & sassy in the cab, what's new. we napped awhile, headed over to the STAIN READING SERIES which was two stops down on the J, in an area just ripe for poetry reading. the pic with cammy li & i posing on the beatdown car was the back patio area of our bar, goodbye blue monday. yeah! i heart nyc. i still felt nauseous from one hour of sleep but i had a good time all in all. thank you to ana for hosting & inviting me to read. thank you wendy, claire (whom i really like), james, matthew, and kim for reading with me. i got to see mrs laura sims whom i just love. cammy li is my most fav. she's my nyc sister. i dedicated reading to her. jake about had ten fits about boring/bad readers. carrie seemed to enjoy. we headed back to bushwick early, her roommate, sweetest thing in the world, made some great roasted chicken, mash potatoes, & a bread olive cheese tom. tray. so sweet. i took sleeping pills and passed out round midnite. not much stoop drinking for me.