pic 1: grita's a bear lala.
pic 2: budzie rallying.
pic 3: workout jog. got some lunarglides finally: freakin awesome yeeeeah!
pic 4: lyla's cute lil personality coming out.

ive been doing a lot of swimming here lately. granny coley's here at the beach & has come down to the pool the last two days to keep me company. it's so nice--funny how id forgotten how good a workout just treading h2o can be, thank you laura little for reminding! im missing laura--was so much fun just lying around & eating lots & lots (can you imagine that? ha!).

im starting to get the jitters about going to ny for readings. at least i have some sharp looking new outfits slightly a la Nan Kempner chic thank you mamacita! and the fiercest shoes ive ever owned--conversation pieces, absolutely, tho not in the least "domino"--hearts to mmm--& hearts to danielle for kicking the two year med school boards' ass, i just know it. now, relaxation.