give em hell willie f

firstly, mm's lovely cacti blooming does not make me miss tucson--just her & the cacti/flowers in her amazing garden. im doing well here. i likes it.



im reading the sound & the fury by the one & onliest faulkner, & im shocked at the difficulty i have, even as a southerner, getting through the language, grasping what is going on the narrative world, etc.

BUT, i LOVE that about this book (...the difficulty, something complex to stop me in my day-to-day goings & make me thiiiiiiink, really think; thank heavens!). it's really really hard. i imagine that is what makes this book great, classic, timeless--it's dense, it's textured, the language is terse, wrought, it's hard to wade through but it's just pure damn beautiful writing. it's difficult in the way that ALL great things are. willie f would've gotten his ass bitten off had he showed up with his rolled trousers to workshop these days--not by me, but my the society's mass of writers & what they pen the "writerly good"--which tends to be on the "accessible" side, lol.

I like smart people. I like smart people who have a voice & opinion. I like people who are just damn complicated with a million things going at once. I like difficult as all hell writing that challenges the bloody hell out of my life which ultimately changes my life. Good writing should CHANGE your life, not be pretty & accessible on the page. For all these reasons, I shall never care when "someone/s" call my writing "too difficult" ever again. Cause when you google their own work, it's laughable-easy & you think no wonder they couldn't read through your book. I'd rather be smart & take risks. Kisses--